This superhero once defeated Venom by laughing at him

Venom is one of the most appearing anti-hero characters in the Marvel universe, and also left many impressions in the movie of the same name released in 2018. Is a parasite coming from the outside. Described as “the nightmare version of Spider-Man”, Venom borrowed Eddie Brock’s body to exist on Earth and thereby bring many superpowers to this guy.

Every time he transforms, Eddie’s entire body will be swallowed up by a giant slime and transformed into a ferocious monster with a wide mouth, sharp teeth and a long, flexible tongue. Eddie’s strength, now Venom, is also significantly increased with tassels sprouting from his sticky skin and can attack enemies from all directions and angles.

Venom is one of the very famous anti-hero characters of Marvel.

With such a frightening appearance, it is not surprising that the common reaction of many in the face of Venom is to scream in panic and run away immediately. Yet in the Marvel universe, there is a superhero who not only does not flinch before this alien monster, but also defeats him by … shouting at him.

This humorous listening occurs in the Spider-Girl # 5 story chapter, a parallel universe in the future MC2 Universe. In this universe, Eddie Brock is dead, and Venom is held captive in a SHIELD prison. Meanwhile, Spider-Man decided to “retire” after a fierce battle that caused him to lose one of his legs. At this time, teenage daughter May “Mayday” Parker inherited her father’s career and became a protector of New York City, known as the Spider-Girl.

During her fight against dangerous criminals, May receives help from Phil Ulrich – who was once considered the heroic version of Green Goblin when he was young, and a friend of Peter Parker. After Peter “quit the game”, Phil also left behind his days of adventure to become a scientist working for the police. However, some of his powers when he was a Green Goblin still remain in his body until now. In which, there must be “Lunatic Laugh” – a crazy smile that hurts your brain, enough to crush things and make others dizzy.

This superhero once defeated Venom by laughing at him | Living

Venom escaped from SHIELD’s prison and began to riot again.

Although his main job is to train May to use his spider powers, Phil always hopes to return to his raging days in fierce battles. And finally his chance to return comes when Venom escapes from SHIELD’s prison and returns to Forest Hills. Here, he discovered Peter Parker and immediately took over his body to once again create “Spider-Venom”.

Spider-Venom then attacks May, causing her to panic, especially when he finds out that his father is inside the giant slime. After switching to Spider-Girl mode, May was told by Mary Jane Watson, her mother, that Venom was afraid of sound attacks. She immediately set out to seek Phil’s help at the police station.

After carefully preparing for the battle, May turned herself into a decoy, fighting to distract Venom and give Phil the chance to use the Lunatic Laugh. This sudden “stoic” attack left Venom seriously injured. He then threw a car at Phil to kill him, but ended up being tortured further by him with magical laughter. Unable to bear the pressure, Venom shattered and freed Peter Parker.

This superhero once defeated Venom by laughing at him | Living

Phil Ulrich defeated Venom and rescued Peter Parker with his laughter.

Although this may seem like a humorous tactic, it is especially effective against a mysterious creature like Venom. This cosmic parasite then also returned many times in the adventures of Spider-Girl MC2, even more “knowledgeable” than before. Perhaps he understood that if he acted aggressive, Phil Ulrich (now re-emerged as the Green Goblin) would immediately appear and punish him with his laughter.

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