This robot supports the diagnosis of Covid-19 virus by surveying the state of the user: Sounds good but turns out to be extremely useless

At a time when the Covid-19 virus (also known as the coronavirus) was going as complicated as it is today, the propagation and dissemination of information related to this new strain of virus plays an extremely important role. important.

In China, the government is promoting drone use to remind people to pay attention to personal hygiene, wear masks when going out and limit gathering in public places.. In the US, robots are used to conduct surveys of people about knowledge about coronavirus infection symptoms. However, it sounds grandiose, but actually this robot is quite useless, if not counterproductive and can make the disease spread faster.

This is a coronavirus consulting robot in Times Square, USA.

Specifically, on Wednesday last week (February 12), Promobot firm installed a robot of the same name in Times Square, New York City, USA. The task of this robot is very simple: Display coronavirus related questions for users to answer, then it will conclude whether they are infected or not. The purpose works so well, but why do people consider this robot “unhelpful”?

First of all, Promobot has a basic design, but basically, there are only two main parts: an iPad acts as a screen, and the rest. When users participated in the survey, they completely work only with the iPad only. In other words, if they disassemble the iPad and bring it to the bench to answer the question, it makes no difference. The whole body of Promobot only plays a role as a support, does not have many tasks, quite meaningless. Of course, the LED display of its five senses is also lovely, but it doesn’t have much effect on the survey process.

The LED display of the five senses is quite beautiful, but also does not play a role much.

The second reason is that the Promobot set of 4 questions is quite superficial, not really going into the virus of Covid-19. These questions include: “Have you had a fever in the past 3 days?”, “Do you have a dry cough?”, “Do you have a headache or feel tired or exhausted?”, “Do you feel sad? vomiting or diarrhea in the past 7 days? ”. And of course, users will only have 2 options “Yes” or “No”, can not add any other details. Similarly, Promobot only made two conclusions: You’re normal, it’s okay; Or you should see a doctor.

That is it. There are no additional advice or other necessary indications. These signs are entirely possible from common colds. Coronavirus can also enter the body for a period of time (lasting up to 14 days), then begin to cause the above symptoms. Therefore, even if your answer is “No”, it is not possible to guarantee that the Promobot will catch the disease 100% exactly.

This robot supports the diagnosis of Covid 19 virus by surveying the state of the user Sounds good but turns out to be extremely useless | Live

The set of questions and conclusions that Promobot makes are quite general, not very practical.

And the final reason, is the use of iPad to perform this survey. In the midst of the plague of the current plague, not many people will be brave enough to use the touch screen exposed in such a public place, especially in a bustling place like Times Square. There have been studies showing that screens of phones and tablets contain even more bacteria than the toilet, and may act as an intermediary for the transmission of many other diseases, not just coronaviruses. In addition, the iPad that Promobot uses is quite laggy and annoying.

In short, no one doubts the purpose of spreading the correct information about Promobot’s Covid-19 virus, but the way they do it is not very effective. Instead of conducting surveys with innocuous questions, they can provide general information about coronavirus, disease symptoms, precautions, and hotlines to contact when needed. set.

This robot supports the diagnosis of Covid 19 virus by surveying the state of the user Sounds good but turns out to be extremely useless | Live

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