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This program will help you become invisible before the webcam lens is recording live

Fantastic Four is the name that brought me to the immense superhero world of Marvel. However, while most of my friends admire Johnny Storm – Human Torch with his incredible ability to ignite fire, I’m personally impressed with Susan “Sue” Storm Richards, also known for called Invisible Woman. Not as fierce as his brother Johny, nor as “brute” as The Thing, Susan possesses unique stealth, extremely cool, at least for me.

And let’s admit, when we were little girls, we all fantasized about ourselves possessing such incredible powers every time we finished watching any superhero movie. For me, though I could not become as invisible as Invisible Woman, but the development of Photoshop has helped me delete anything I want in any photo. Spending some time practicing the tool, I have trolled my friends many times by deleting myself in the photos taken together, causing them to fire up thinking that the camera is “haunted”.

The image in the image is simple, what about invisibility on videos, but also the live videos (like webcams)?

With Photoshop, I can easily turn into Invisible Woman in any photo. So what about real-time videos? Can I suddenly become invisible right on the live wave?

Recently, web engineer Jason Mayes, who works for the Google giant, got closer to invisibility on webcam thanks to Disappearing People. On GitHub, Jason wrote: “This code will observe and “learn” the environment in real time and then recreate the environment itself, covering all the people appearing in the frame in a relatively smooth way and making them immediately become invisible. in front of the lens. By using TensorFlow, this process will take place right in your browser and in real time”.

If you do not know, TesorFlow is an open source program developed by Google for the field of machine learning and other neural network applications. Basically, Disappearing People will capture a webcam’s frame, copy it, then scan it to detect humans. Next, it will use the uninhabited frames to overlap the frames with people, making that person seem to disappear completely.

Jayson demonstrates the ability to “stealth” in front of the webcam is recording live. The top half of the video is the original footage, the bottom half is the video after it has been processed by Disappearing People.

Of course, this technology is still not perfect, because when we move a little faster, Disappearing People seem unable to keep up, resulting in glitch, and stealth. “phony”. However, it must be emphasized that this is a technology applied to real-time videos, live videos, rather than videos that have been shot and post-production. Therefore, the achievements of Jayson Mayes are still extremely impressive and there is still a lot of potential for further development in the future.

If you want to experience it yourself, Please visit this link. Jayson also noted that you should wait patiently for the program to start and be ready to operate. Then, stand about 1 meter away from the webcam, start walking around the room and see yourself gradually disappear on the computer screen.

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