This material is “uncut”, the researchers have created, which can destroy the saw blade when cut

No matter how “secure” the design is, many locks that are not “openly” by the bad guys will easily break in minutes, but researchers from the University Durham in England and the Fraunhofer Institute have created what they claim is the first artificial material that “cannot be cut,” by actively destroying the tools trying to cut through it.

Even the hardest material in nature, diamonds can be cut with special tools (also made of diamonds). Proteus, the name given to the new material by its makers, takes a completely different approach.

While diamonds are extremely hard thanks to their dense atomic structure, Proteus has an atomic structure that is 85% thinner than metal, but its unique structure is made up of a mixture of aluminum metal foams and tiny ceramic blocks, turning the tools to cut them down.

“Uncut” material

In photos and videos shown by the researcher that Proteus is being cut, the outer layers of the material can easily be cut and penetrated, but once the saw blade or the drill bit touches the embedded ceramic cubes. Underneath, vibrations are created that quickly erode the sharp edges of a tool, reducing their effectiveness.

At the same time, small ceramic dust particles accumulate as the balls are cut to fill the aluminum structure to make it thicker and harder as the speed of the cutting tool increases. It is similar to how small particles in a sandbag will harden when compressed to absorb force and stop a bullet from flying.

This material is uncut the researchers have created which can destroy the saw blade when cut | Live

YouTube is full of videos of people using high-pressure water cutters to cut through any object easily, but researchers say Proteus is also effective against the tool. when the shape of these ceramic balls tends to spread the water, reducing its speed and power.

The team of researchers didn’t necessarily create Proteus just to make locks, the material could be effective when creating lightweight suits of armor that would make any vehicle as powerful as a tank, but rather No need for huge size and fuel consumption. It can also be used to develop gear for people who use dangerous tools like grinders and saws.

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