This is why when you buy a Tesla electric car, the neighbors also want to celebrate

If you don’t already know, the Tesla electric vehicle has a mode called Sentry, which lets the car’s exterior cameras stay in standby while its owner is away. This means it is capable of recording hacking, collisions, or any other potential threat to models such as Model X, S, 3 or Y. But this feature can also help prevent burglary of people who do not own Tesla electric cars, but rather accidentally parked nearby.

In the Spanish town of Benicassim on Sunday, July 12, two strangers tried to steal the Porsche 911 Carrera 2 of the 964 series. However, the criminal team did not know that the sports car was Parked next to it is a Tesla Model 3, which supports Sentry mode, which records every image in sight.

Video of Porsche car theft is recorded by Tesla’s auto system.

Jose Saez-Merino, a relative of the owner of the Porsche, later requested the video and posted it on social media. In the video, two thieves wear a medical mask, push the old Porsche out of the parking lot and take it away in the middle of the night.

Saez-Merino also shared the video with the police and local authorities and tried to describe the Porsche for everyone to know, in an effort to find information about the car.

This is why when you buy a Tesla electric car the neighbors also want to celebrate | Internet

Images of the old Porsche were posted on social media after it was stolen, along with a video recorded by Tesla cars.

Less than a day after Saez-Merino shared the video on Twitter, a Porsche 911 was found in the suburbs near Valencia. A delivery truck driver spotted the suspicious blue car, realized it was a stolen vehicle from a Facebook post and called the police. Saez-Merino later shared that he suspected that the people who stole the car deliberately left it on the side of the road, to check if the car had GPS tracking systems.

Saez-Merino said he was unsure of the role Tesla played in recovering the Porsche, but said it could help the police catch thieves who stole the car later.

“Investigation of suspects is still ongoing”, Saez-Merino said.

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