This is why Iron Man is the only one who can do the infinity snap in Avengers: Endgame

Throughout the two blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, Iron Man has always been the key to helping the avenging Squad defeat Thanos, bringing peace to the whole universe. Doctor Strange helped the audience realize this when he unexpectedly handed the Time Stone to the mad Titan in exchange for Tony Stark’s life. Of the more than 14 million scenarios he foresaw, there is only one way for the Avengers to win, and that only happens when Stark conserve his life to return to Earth.

However, what Doctor Strange concealed, is also the hefty price that Iron Man has to pay in exchange for cosmic peace, is his life. By performing an infinity snap at the end of Endgame, Stark helped the Avengers turn defeat into victory, while also completely destroying Thanos’ army. However, the incredible power of 6 Infinity Stones made him unable to survive even though he was protected by his high-tech armor.

Doctor Strange saved Iron Man in Infinity War so he could help the Avengers defeat Thanos and “revive” those who flew in color in Infinity War.

This can be considered as the excellent intention of the team of Endgame writers to help Tony Stark to close his journey more than 10 years in the MCU in the most majestic and impressive way. However, if you consider it carefully, this detail is also extremely reasonable, because at the time of the final war, not all superheroes are capable of performing a powerful snap even if they possess the power. how strong it is. The reason lies in the infinity glove that Iron Man created earlier.

After returning to the past to collect 6 Infinity Stones, Tony Stark created a new glove so that he could use them and reverse Thanos’ snap five years earlier. However, because the Avengers have yet to decide who will take over this responsibility, the new glove is specially designed to be able to adjust the size to best fit the user’s hand.

For example, in the scene where Smart Hulk performs an infinity snap, the glove automatically expands to its original size. However, problems also come from here. After Hulk completed the mission, the gauntlet was severely damaged by the power of all six stones, and stuck at the hand size of the Blue Giant. This means that only those “sticky rice” equivalent to the Hulk, like Thanos, can continue to use it.

The Iron Man-made glove can automatically resize according to the wearer.

However, Iron Man always has a backup plan that few people expect the most. That was the glove of the very armor he was wearing on the battlefield. As explained by the team of Endgame directors, both of these gloves use nanotech technology. This allows Stark to manipulate the nanobytes when fighting Thanos, and sneaks 6 infinity stones into his glove.

Besides, as the previous movies have stated, no human is able to survive direct contact with infinity stones, let alone using all 6 stones at the same time. Thanks to the advanced technology of the nanotech armor, Iron Man is able to use his few short seconds of survival to perform a fatal snap. However, that was all the armor could do. The tremendous power of the Infinity Stone has severely damaged Stark’s body, causing him to collapse speechless immediately after completing the mission.

This is why Iron Man is the only one who can do the infinity snap in Avengers Endgame | Live

Taking advantage of when melee with Thanos, Iron Man stealthily regained 6 infinity stones using nanotech from his two gloves.

Thus, as Doctor Strange predicted, Iron Man’s role is really important in the Avengers’ quest to stop Thanos. He is not only the one who helps with successful time travel planning, but also the author of the nanotech gloves, and is also the only person who can use this technology skillfully. . If it weren’t for Stark’s genius brain, it is unlikely that the Avengers could find a way to defeat the mad titan and bring back the flying superheroes on Infinity War.

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