This is why I never buy AirPods even if I love it, not even the ‘fake’ and the real one

As I put my hand to type these words, my iPod Touch gen 4 is playing the melodious tunes of the City of the Sun. As a gift from my parents from the days I was still in school, this iPod Touch will turn 10 years old this year.

That’s right, it’s an extreme “bluff” device. iPod Touch 4 is only updated to iOS 6, the last version of iOS uses Apple’s extremely cumbersome “fake material” interface. The internal storage is a mere 32GB, which is just enough for me to load up a couple of non-verbal albums to listen to while working from home. Although I have a full operating system, I only use this iPod to listen to music. Browsing the web on the 3.5 inch screen is now impossible, the configuration is too weak for me to use any application.

But above all, my iPod Touch is still working, still a device meant to be in my family. Even so, the battery was so bottle that I had to plug it in 24/7.

More than anyone, Apple knows how to create products that can even replace batteries that can be used …

Indeed, the entire hi-tech world over the past few years has made great strides in durability. Apple can be considered as the flagship in this area. In 2020, you will still find that around you will still have iPhones 6 or even an iPhone 5 that still works well. Mac mini 2012 can now still sell for nearly ten million.

The endurance of old machines doesn’t mean we’ll keep them forever – like you, I love updating smartphones, PCs, tablets and other hardware devices. But at least, with these devices, we have CHOICE to keep them going for a decade (or more). In fact, except for the case of heavy damage to core components (chip, main …), computing devices can be easily maintained by replacing batteries or memory chips.

“The profession of ‘device repair’ is so developed that a few years ago someone built their own iPhone from parts bought in Chinese markets. When we think of how to” save “old devices, the question we have to face it is not “can not” but “should not.” When the cost of repairs becomes too high compared to the residual value of new old items that really need to “die”.

This is why I never buy AirPods even if I love it not even the fake and the real one | Phone

The cost of replacing one ear when the battery bottle makes users want to throw away the old ear and buy a new set.

Unfortunately, AirPods and similarly styled True Wireless headphones are not among these. Recently, my friend witnessed the AirPods less than 2 years old become … technology trash because of the battery bottle. Apple refused to make repairs, only giving the option of offering a new purchase at a price of 2 million dong per ear.

At this price point, many people will ditch the AirPods and buy a whole new set. If you spend 2 million to buy an ear sooner or later you will have to spend another 2 million when the other party inevitably suffers from the battery bottle. The total cost is 4 million dong, while a new set of “unpicked” AirPods usually sell at 4.6 million dong only.

It’s also hard to blame those who have to represent the repair department at Apple. Fixing the AirPods is almost impossible when iFixit once gave this headset a round 0/10 score. AirPods have a very small body, and removed to replace the battery has become a pile of plastic scrap. Even if they can be replaced and reassembled, the repaired AirPods still easily create an uncomfortable feeling when leaning against the ear.

This is why I never buy AirPods even if I love it not even the fake and the real one | Phone

The design of the battery is in the ear stem, the case is a plastic block that makes the AirPods irreparable.

A handful of True Wireless headsets have a structure that allows for fairly easy battery replacement – Sony and Samsung are examples. But the rest, including Apple and the earphones that “imitate” the style of the AirPods, has become a special exception in the tech world. Even if you want, you also have no way to “save” the headset that has been battery bottle. Tech users understand bottle batteries as sooner or later, and with batteries less than 100mAh, the life cycle of True Wireless ears is really limited.

That’s why, no matter how much I love the AirPods experience, I don’t dare to pay for it. Over the years, Apple has trained me to think that the main / chip technology has never been… dead. If an old iPhone or iPad is too old to have a bottle, replace the battery and give it to the tools as a means of communication. In the MacBook battery bottle, the battery is removed and kept as a media server or for children to use to learn to type. The iPod Touch can also replace the battery, the Apple Watch can also replace the battery, in general, as long as it’s not badly damaged, the battery can be replaced. Their remaining value will gradually decrease to 0, but as long as the main / chip is not damaged, it will never become zero.

With the AirPods, with True Wireless headphones, these two words CAN completely disappear. The amount of money you spend on a pair of True Wireless will gradually become a plump zero – run out of battery, throw away, there’s no other option.

This is why I never buy AirPods even if I love it not even the fake and the real one | Phone

With Bluetooth headsets from “traditional” brands, when the battery bottle can be sent to the company for replacement or simply … plug in the cord.

This is why I never buy AirPods even if I love it not even the fake and the real one | Phone

With the AirPods and the “fake” AirPods, there’s only one way to get around the battery: throw it away.

Luckily I still have other options. There are still True Wireless easy to replace batteries from Samsung and Sony. Traditional headphone manufacturers are always ready to replace the batteries for their Bluetooth headphones at a not too expensive price. And of course, large Bluetooth headsets also have a very simple option: plug in wires.

According to the definition of “True Wireless”, AirPods are not wired. The life cycle of this headset is tied to the tiny batteries, no way to escape. So, no matter how smart I am, I will never buy it with my pocket money. I don’t like the idea of ​​buying any technology in order to accept the fact that sooner or later they’ll become … trash.

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