This is the Vsmart worth a try: “Soft” price pop-up camera on the market

Vsmart Active 3 is the first smartphone of VinSmart equipped with a trendy 16MP pop-up front camera, equipped with beauty features for more sparkling selfie photos. This camera of Active 3 can recognize abnormal forces, the situation of the machine falling freely to capture pop-up cameras, ensuring safety and durability for the device, helping users feel secure to use.

The 16 MP front-facing camera with pop-up mechanism is one of the important highlights of Active 3. Active 3 is being pre-ordered in Mobile World with attractive prices and incentives to help you easily experience new technology. on this smartphone.

With the front camera hidden by a mechanical solution, Active 3 has a zero-screen display, giving a 92% display rate, on an overflow screen. It is equipped with AMOLED screen, FHD resolution, thin bezel, allowing you to watch movies, play games more comfortable, thanks to spacious viewing angles, sharp display.

Active 3 is cared about the design, wearing a mantle with a special style than its predecessors. The back of the device is glossy, bright, gradients according to the current design trend on smartphones. Vinsmart calls the 4-color set of Active 3 including emerald, sapphire blue, quartz black and emerald a “gem collection”. This eye-catching color combination design makes Active 3 more prominent, fashionable and attractive to users.

This is the Vsmart worth a try Soft price pop up camera on the market | Mobile

Active 3 like “makeover” with a luxurious appearance, fashion thanks to the back color gradient, high perfection for a sense of certainty, rigidity.

The back of the device is equipped with a set of 3 vertical cameras including the main camera 48 MP, super wide lens 118 degrees 8 MP and camera delete background 2 MP. This camera system is integrated with AI, using algorithms to optimize photos, giving rich, detailed images in many complex lighting conditions, including at night. Active 3 also supports color filters for users to create, save more impressive moments.

This is the Vsmart worth a try Soft price pop up camera on the market | Mobile

Set of 3 rear cameras of Vsmart Active 3 integrated AI, high resolution, capable of good night shooting.

In terms of configuration, Vsmart Active 3 uses 8-core chip, 4 GB / 6 GB RAM, 64 GB memory and 4,020 mAh large capacity battery. The manufacturer said that, in addition to being equipped with a strong configuration to ensure smooth multitasking, Active 3 has the ability to optimize battery power for each application. Thus, the machine can operate persistently all day long despite running many applications, meeting multi-tasking.

This is the Vsmart worth a try Soft price pop up camera on the market | Mobile

The device has a borderless screen overflow, 92% display rate, the same configuration, stylish design with a sharp back.

Like previous models, Vsmart Active 3 will be available to users at a relatively soft price compared to the features that this device owns. Specifically, Vsmart Active 3 is on Mobile World shelves with preferential prices of 4.49 million and 4.99 million VND for 4 GB and 6 GB versions respectively.

Besides, customers will also receive 500,000 VND, 0% installment payment, 18 months warranty and the chance to win 2020 golden mice with a total value of more than 8.6 billion when booking Vsmart Active 3 at the World system Mobile, Dien may Xanh from now until 12/1 nationwide.

Readers see more product information here, or call the hotline 18001060.

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