This is the time to buy Office right away, Microsoft has just upgraded Office 365 to Microsoft 365, the benefits doubled – the price is unchanged

Add features and utilities – prices unchanged

The Office 365 toolkit has officially been renamed to Microsoft 365, specifically for each set of applications:

– Office 365 Business Essentials converted to Microsoft 365 Business Basic

– Office 365 Business Premium becomes Microsoft 365 Business Standard.

– Microsoft 365 Business will be Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

– Office 365 Business is converted to Microsoft 365 for Business.

– Office 365 ProPlus becomes Microsoft 365 for Enterprise.

Microsoft put on a new name and added a series of new features to this cloud-based office suite. Among the new features is the AI-Powered Microsoft Editor (Smart Editor) tool for Word and Outlook. This tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make suggestions about grammar, sentence structure, which can assist users in a smarter and more useful way at work.

This is the time to buy Office right away Microsoft has just upgraded Office 365 to Microsoft 365 the benefits doubled the price is unchanged | Internet

Or for PowerPoint, Microsoft 365 will add presentation training feature – an interesting feature that has never been available in Office 365 before. In addition, users can also enter bank account data and check accounts to manage personal income and expenses through the Money – tracking and analysis of spending on Excel in Microsoft 365 version.

In addition to office applications, for home users, Microsoft 365 also added the Microsoft Family Safety application, which allows parents to track the time spent on children’s devices using the Windows platform, Android as well as Xbox.

In addition, there are many other features such as PowerPoint Designer that allows users to access a large design image store; Data Types feature in Excel more than 100 different data types for reference; Meet Now on Skype will help you make calls and meetings quickly with just 3 clicks without registering or downloading …

This is the time to buy Office right away Microsoft has just upgraded Office 365 to Microsoft 365 the benefits doubled the price is unchanged | Internet

“Microsoft 365 is an integrated suite of applications and services using AI and other advanced enhancements to deliver the best user experience and utilities. For small and medium businesses, the new way of features from Microsoft 365 makes it easy for users to hold online meetings and events; the ability to store and share files in the cloud so they can be used anywhere; in addition to security and receiving solutions In addition, Microsoft wants to simplify service packs, so the new name will help users quickly find software to use. ” – Microsoft representative shared the reason for the name change for this service.

The most special thing, although adding many new features, the cost of users to enjoy Microsoft 365 remains unchanged, only from 3,000,000 VND / year with the Microsoft 365 Business Standard version. From there, help users to freely choose the service package that suits their needs.

This is the time to buy Office right away Microsoft has just upgraded Office 365 to Microsoft 365 the benefits doubled the price is unchanged | Internet

Microsoft 365 copyright packages bring great benefits to users

Microsoft 365 has three forms of support for businesses and individual users to buy and use the service. Including Subscription, which is a Microsoft 365 plan that is charged annually, does not require user identification. Or the FPP (Full Package Product) package provides Microsoft software as retail for users who buy less than 5 sets. Microsoft 365 buyers on an FPP package will receive the product packaged in the box that comes with the installation disc. For businesses that want to buy more than 25 sets, customers can buy CSP packages at a much cheaper price, only 2/5 FPP packages. However, CSP buyers must identify the company and purchase it for all employees.

According to technology experts, the FPP package is best suited for individual users because it provides all applications, useful features of Microsoft 365 with the security and regular updates that allow users to use Use on any device. FPP helps users manage Microsoft 365 tools as a copyright code for an account. In the event that users change devices, they can still log in and continue using the service without having to buy a new one. It can be seen that buying FPP package means that we will be able to use the entire Microsoft 365 application permanently with all the advantages of cloud computing and artificial intelligence integrated in the product.

This is the time to buy Office right away Microsoft has just upgraded Office 365 to Microsoft 365 the benefits doubled the price is unchanged | Internet

Experience the perfect service from Microsoft 365 Business Standard

In Microsoft 365 applications, the Microsoft 365 Business Standard attracts the attention of businesses because it is designed to support small and medium businesses. It provides a subscription service that ensures that users always own the most advanced performance tools from Microsoft. In “stand by” mode, this service is always ready to operate 99.9%, helping users feel secure to use all the tools in the most convenient way.

Understanding the importance of data to users today, Microsoft has built in Microsoft 365 Business Standard advanced protection features 5 layers of security and active monitoring – keeping data safe. Data of customers. The application is also designed with user-friendly login and setup operations.

It’s undeniable that Microsoft 365 Business Standard brings many attractive utilities, but for business customers who do not want to use the cloud platform, Office Home & Business 2019 is the most ideal choice. In addition to the difference in the online operation platform, all cloud storage, Office Home & Business 2019 still fully meets the essential needs of the business with the entire suite of Words, Exel, PowerPoint and Outlook – Buy once, use forever.

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