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This is the last “death” door that makes the Alliance: Can Chien Chien VNG be released on December 8?

Although announced on December 8, League of Legends will officially docked the Vietnamese game village and to all Vietnamese players. At that time, as introduced by Riot Games and VNG, home gamers can directly download League of Legends: Express on both Android and iOS platforms officially.

Up to the present time, League of Legends: Toc Chien has completed 90% of the release steps to launch Vietnamese gamers in the near future. Release license, Vietnameseization, Android download link (Google Play), homepage … and media promotion activities. This makes Riot Games and VNG confident that this game will be released in early December Upcoming.

However, there is still a possibility that, although not high, can still happen to League: Rapid War makes this game must postpone the issue date (although only about 10% chance). The last door is the App Store, where many applications are close to the release date, forced to reschedule because they have not passed Apple’s “review”.

This is also the reason why a series of blockbuster peaks in the past often had to delay the release date despite announcing the expected time. AOG – Arena of Glory or Crossfire Legends cannot be updated for more than 2 years due to the problem of iOS version which are the two most typical examples to see. the “hardship” of Apple in the application review on its platform.

This is the last death door that makes the Alliance Can Chien Chien VNG be released on December 8 | Mobile & Social

Of course, this is purely a possibility. League itself: Speed ​​War version for the Southeast Asian market also had to delay the release date by one day on iOS, although it was officially available on the AppStore download store as a pre-registration. Hopefully, VNG and Riot Games will soon bring League: Toc Chien to Apple’s app store so that Vietnamese players can somewhat feel secure about the date of November 8.

This is the last death door that makes the Alliance Can Chien Chien VNG be released on December 8 | Mobile & Social

Recently, VNG has also launched the home page of League: Speed ​​War at the address is Besides, this NPH is likely to also launch Legend of Runeterra before League of Legends: Rapid War is released on December 8. Although it was “confirm” by Riot Games and VNG, at the time of the release, but if it is unlucky, Vietnamese gamers may still have to wait, even if only very little.

Update more latest information of League: Speed ​​War on the Fanpage of this game at Here!

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