This is the ‘fat champion’ of the Fat Bear Week 2020 competition

Every year, Katmai National Park in Alaska holds “Fat Bear Week”, a special week to find the “fat” bear.

Of many bears, only one was named the “fat champion”, and this year the bear with code 747 was victorious.

Fat Bear Week takes place only once a year, which is the time after days when the bear has to eat a lot to store fat in its body before hibernation. The Brooks River brown bears have spent the past few months “gaining weight” by devouring large quantities of black-eyed salmon and any other rich and tasty food they can eat. Winter is coming, they are at the highest “fat”.

In the spring, these bears will come out of the cave and have lost up to a third of their body weight while they sleep through the winter. Spring and summer are the time to gain weight, the bears in Katmai prepare for their annual weight gain towards the end of June. Bears have to add weight and be as fatter as possible, which is what has shaped the tradition of Fat Bear Week competition.

Fat Bear Week is organized by and the park is a way of commemorating the “accomplishments” of the bears, usually starting around early October. That’s when the bears have already swelled the pictures photo comparison before and after they gained weight The bear that gains the most weight and gets the biggest circles wins.

This is the fat champion of the Fat Bear Week 2020 competition | Live

During the last week, fans voted for the bears to participate in this knockout group. Confronted with the final round of 32 (also known as Chunk) and 747, two extremely strong candidates. But only one bear could be crowned the winner, and this year the 747 took the title home most heavily, having accumulated enough fat to almost double its mass. .

This is the fat champion of the Fat Bear Week 2020 competition | Live

The 747 that defended last year’s championship was Holly, a wonderful curled bear who once again competed in this year’s group but failed to reach the final round.

This is the fat champion of the Fat Bear Week 2020 competition | Live

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