This is the fastest running trash in the world, with a maximum speed of 73 km / h

On September 27, British racing company Straightliners held a tournament at Elvinton Airfield, a former airbase in York (England). And in this tournament, the viewers were able to witness a number of speed records broken by the participants.

Andy Jennings, 28, a design engineer has turned a household trash can into a race car by adding a motorcycle engine, gearbox, ignition set, saddle and handlebars from one car. mobile scooter.

Guinness World Records officials said he would have to hit more than 48.2 km / h to beat the fastest wheeled trash available today. But this engineer from Wiltshire exceeded this goal, reaching an impressive 73 km / h speed on the tarmac.

The fastest trash in the world.

Andy said he entered the race to honor his best friend Ben Ellis, who passed away in June 2020.

“Ben will be proud of my achievement here today. I contacted some of his family as soon as I received the award,” he shares. “Some of the audience at the airport also asked how they could raise money for the fundraising site I set up for the Ben family. That’s fine.”

The British sense of humor seems different from the rest of the world.

Surprisingly with Andy’s wheeled barrel engine is the fastest motor toilet in the world, reaching nearly 72km / h and the fastest “warehouse in the garden” in the world, reaching a speed of 170 km / h. .

One of the show’s real stars, however, is Jason Liversidge, 44, who identifies himself as an ‘adrenaline addict’, who has hit speeds of almost 104 km / h in a motorized wheelchair – wear although 95% paralyzed.

Both Andy and Jason said they were ‘amazed’ for breaking the goals set by Guinness World Record officials. Jason’s wife, Liz, from East Yorkshire, also said her husband had done something “absolutely wonderful”.

She added: ‘He achieved incredible speed in his motorized wheelchair, beat the 96km / h mark he needed’, She added. “It would be an achievement for anyone, but for someone who is almost completely immobile, this is truly a devilish achievement. He’s really emotional and I’m very proud of him. It was a very emotional day. “

This is the fastest running trash in the world with a maximum speed of 73 km h | Internet

Trevor Duckworth, CEO of Straightliners – the tournament organizer and also the main timer of the tournament – told the press that: “People love pretty crazy races like trash cans, toilets, garden huts, wheelbarrows. People come up with some pretty crazy ideas and we’re here to help them.”

“The star of the show is probably Jason Liversidge, who brought some water to the eye of the audience,” he added. “The event went really well, even with the complicated epidemic situation. Everyone came wearing masks and we had toilet stations around the airport. I think everyone was happy to be able to come out.” and do something different than usual “.

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