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This diamond-like protective coating will make the smartphone screen unmatched, despite most of the impact

Will there be a smartphone screen in the future with a stiffness comparable to diamond?

Gorilla Glass, a specialized glass made by Corning, can be found on most smartphones today. Over the years, Corning has continually improved its tempered glass products and is now in its seventh generation as the Gorilla Glass Victus. While it’s better than most of its predecessors, it looks like Apple and other smartphone makers are looking for ways to make Gorilla Glass even more durable using a diamond-like carbon coating (DLC).

Analyst Robert Castellano from the world’s largest investment community Seeking Alpha cites a study from SquareTrade that said Americans abandoned more than 50 million smartphone screens in 2017 and spent up to 3.4 billion USD for screen repair. Repair costs range from 170 USD up to 329 USD.

Additionally, Americans spent up to $ 14 billion on smartphone screens repairing between 2007 and 2017. One survey even revealed that iPhone users are at greater risk of damaging their devices. 6 times more than being lost or stolen.

This is why Apple and smartphone companies are looking for a more sustainable screen solution. This display will use a diamond-like carbon coating on Gorilla Glass. This coating with the properties of low friction, high hardness and high corrosion resistance will contribute to improving the durability of Gorilla Glass or any type of aluminosilicate glass.

This diamond like protective coating will make the smartphone screen unmatched despite most of the impact | ICT News

DLC coatings also have other properties such as thermal conductivity and resistivity. They can therefore be used as protective coatings not only on displays but also on flexible sensors and semiconductors.

Currently, there are three companies developing conventional glass coating systems, Corning Gorilla Glass and aluminosilicate glasses with diamond-like carbon coating. Two of them are Intevac, a public company and Denton Vacuum, a company with 50 years of experience in the commercial equipment business.

Last but not least, this coating is said to increase production costs. But in return it will not increase too much the overall cost of a smartphone because partly the value of this coating will make users feel satisfied and willing to spend more.

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