Things to know about blockbuster Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok

When it came back in 2017, the Assassin’s Creed series had a big change when Ubisoft turned them into pure action RPGs rather than previous role-playing adventures. Thanks to this, the two most recent versions, Odyssey and Origin, have been well received by gamers worldwide. Therefore, with the next version of Ragnarok expected to be released in the near future, whether this game will receive any changes that are beneficial to me.

Ragnarok: Race of Vikings, Norse Mythology and more

According to sources, in the Ragnarok version, players will play a character named Jora living in the Viking era and unknown character of this character. With the theme of Vikings, Ragnarok will emphasize the ships that are characteristic of the Viking culture, will have a new system of characters and gameplay in the direction of Berserker – words to refer to the atheist warriors. , derelict in Norse mythology, and add to the ancient site treasures in this area. All in-game events will occur sometime before the Ragnarok apocalypse event.

Things to know about blockbuster Assassin s Creed Ragnarok | PC/Console

If the new game is set exactly the same, it will be a great advantage because the inspiration from Norse mythology has appeared in many blockbuster games and is well received by many gamers. The blockbuster that followed this path, first of all, Skyrim emphasized the belief in the Nordic gods throughout the game, then the famous blockbuster God Of War really put the player in context. and myths of this world. And finally, not to mention the Tales of Phantasia and Hellblade also more or less use the concepts or context of myth to create their own content.

In general, tapping into topics that will attract the attention of players will bring a great benefit to the next version of Ubisoft. Considering all previous versions, Ubisoft has given players a different time and context from the Renaissance in Italy, to the Revolution in the US and most recently, Egypt and Greece. Greek ancient times. The two most recent contexts are considered to be a strong addition to the Assassin’s Creed timeline, but these are probably not the scenes that attract players as strongly as in the Nordic region.

Why didn’t Assassin’s Creed choose Japan as its next destination?

Things to know about blockbuster Assassin s Creed Ragnarok | PC/Console

In many places where fans want their games to land, Japan is also considered a place where many gamers want game makers to go. However, in terms of popularity and competitiveness, the Nordic region deserves to be a place for Ubisoft to be more oriented than Japan. First of all, the topic of Norse mythology in recent times is considered as a golden egg of many studios because it inspires a great deal for the player and is also a topic that many gamers love. prefer. We can see it through the success of God Of War with its huge sales and widespread popularity to the public.

Things to know about blockbuster Assassin s Creed Ragnarok | PC/Console

In addition, choosing Japan as the theme for the upcoming post will also bring a relatively big obstacle for Ubisoft when many other role-playing games about this country have appeared and are popular. favorite person. Maybe coming Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice with the 2019 Game Of The Year award and one more blockbuster that is waiting for gamers is Ghost Of Tsushima. These two products have almost reached a very high level of detail and quality, so having an Assassin’s Creed in Japan will certainly be a tough competition for Ubisoft before both rivals. This horn. Therefore, going to the Nordic lands will be a pleasant option and less costly than immersing in the Samurai.

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