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Things to do after buying a new computer!

Nowadays, the configurations of computers (such as PC, Laptop) are being improved and upgraded in a very strong way, with the aim of meeting the needs of any user and any job.

If you are in the “children of the family” group, of course, you don’t need to worry about money choose to buy a computer to perform demanding jobs such as making graphics, playing heavy games, streaming games, … just kind of expensive and big brands are buried.

Of course, if the economic conditions are not very good, a PC or Laptop with a low or mid-range configuration is enough to meet your basic requirements.

Whatever it is, have you ever wondered, after buying a computer, what are the first things you need to do?

Well, if you have any questions like above then this is the article for you. There are many blog posts of this type already, for example:

#first. Install or update your operating system

Obviously, a new computer will not be able to function without an operating system, and it is even better not to leave a new computer with a terrible configuration but only run an operating system with the version released from the 2 years ago, is that right?

Most new computers today have built-in copyright. A few do not, but work install Windows is extremely simple, on the blog there is a category of tutorials for you already. You can access come in If you want to find out!

Yes, the new installation or updating the patch for the operating system will ensure your computer is always in the state of “fullest”, safe and achieve much higher performance.

Things to do after buying a new computer | People of technology

Depending on your home line signal, as well as the size of the file, the update can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. But also worth the wait if you want a PC / Laptop in good health 😁.

How to upgrade, update the operating system, you can refer to this detailed article: How to upgrade to the latest Windows 10, Update Win!

#2. Install your favorite web browser

The second thing that I recommend you to do is install yourself one Web browser which you like.

Currently there are many web browsers on the Internet, but the most prominent are still the “slouching” names such as Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Edge (descendants of Internet Explorer but almost as strong as Chrome), Mozilla’s Firefox, …

These are all the most popular web browsers in the world today. The download link, you can download it via the direct link below:

# 3. Install anti-virus software

A new computer is very insecure without security software. All your personal information, bank accounts, data will always be “lost” by other malware.

Things to do after buying a new computer | People of technology

Therefore, installing a security software is always a smart choice if you want your computer to be always safe, and minimize data risks.

On Windows 10 then Windows Defender is security software that is installed by default when you use this operating system.

In general, Windows Defender is a pretty good solution in detecting malware and is probably enough for general users, because its interface is simple and easy to use for most people.

However, to be fair, Windows Defender isn’t the most full-featured anti-malware solution out there. You cannot even schedule scans for this software.

Therefore, if you need software with many advanced features, protecting you in the working environment is always at risk of being affected by malware, then names like Kaspersky, Bitdefender, ESET … are the names “value for money” that you should choose.

# 4. Delete junk apps

You can skip this step if your computer is 100% new. If not, please read this section.

Things to do after buying a new computer | People of technology

Computer manufacturers always try to cram and pre-install a lot of software into the operating system of the machine when sold.

Some pre-installed applications may support your computer to operate more smoothly, but there are also many programs and software that are just advertisements for their applications.

If you buy a new computer with the operating system preinstalled, in addition to the above steps, you should search for and delete applications that you consider unnecessary for you.

Only leave applications from computer manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Microsoft, and HP or Lenovo for example …

They will be useful, so please remove them. While freeing up hard drive space, while making your computer run faster.

# 5. Install your favorite software

After you have removed all junk applications from your computer, now is the time to install the applications for your work. There are many softwares on the Internet, but how to install them most effectively?

My experience is to categorize them and install them in order. For example, I categorized as follows: Office, Antivirus, Design, Driver, Internet, Multimedia, …

Such a categorization will ensure you do not install without software. In addition, you can use the Ninite application to download and install the software as you like.

# 6. Backup data

Things to do after buying a new computer | People of technology

After all, the data on your computer is the thing that needs the most protection and all the important data on your computer should be stored in the safest place possible. Because you cannot know what will happen to your computer.

Maybe on a beautiful day, the cool wind is cool, preparing to sip a cup of coffee, turn on your “super” computer, then discover … the drive where you have data is “clean and tight” then what would you think.

I will definitely stand still for 5 seconds, then go crazy for a week 😆. And then find a way data rescue for a “heavenly” price.

So before experiencing those “catastrophes”, the best way is to proactively store your data in a safe place first, and be able to recover if your computer “accidentally” died unexpectedly. death ”.

There are many solutions, you can choose from online hosting services like Googel Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive,, … with a quite reasonable fee, to have data storage capacity safely. Even completely free if your file size is not much.

Or you can buy yourself a portable hard drive with a large capacity to be able to store and recover when needed.

# 7. Update Driver for the computer

Things to do after buying a new computer | People of technology

If you buy a new PC with an operating system pre-installed, you don’t need to do this step because the manufacturer has pre-installed it before selling it, or Microsoft will automatically update them via Windows Update. already.

Besides, this operation will not be for you if you are not knowledgeable about drivers or do not know how to install them.

To install a driver for a computer, there will be 2 ways: visit the manufacturer’s homepage and search for the right driver (in this step you need to have a little knowledge of the computer), and the second way is to use 3rd party software to install.

There are many 3rd party software that can help you install drivers, but would like to introduce to you 2 driver installation software that people use the most, which are Driver Booster (free and paid) and Easy driver pack package (Free).

All are available in the Driver category on the blog, if you want to learn more, you can read here Please. Very easy to understand for all levels.

NOTE: In particular, for Windows 10 operating system, you will not need to care about Driver, because when Update Windows it also means updating Driver for the computer.

#8. Epilogue

All the work that needs to be done with a new computer is considered done.

The next thing that you need to do is continue to learn and explore the useful features that the computer as well as the operating system has.

For example, Windows 10, there are many tools and tricks to help you use your computer more effectively, you can refer to the section: Windows 10 User Guide – the most complete today.

In addition, you should also take the time to visit the blog regularly to read computer tips. Make sure you will use the computer proficiently very quickly ^^!

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