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Things to avoid when learning CODE

Hi guys, perhaps “code” is the first stage that any programmer must go through in his or her career.

And later, if your level is improved, you can move to higher positions in the company (eg Leader, Manager …), then you have less to directly code now.

But they all admit that “code” is still one of the most important stages – it determines the success of a programmer.

In this article, I will share with you a few things not to do, or in other words Things to avoid when you learn to code particular and learn something in general.

And of course, sharing is my personal opinion, so it is inevitable that what is right for one person may not be true for another. If you have anything, feel free to comment in the comment section below.

#first. Studying a lot but not getting anywhere

I’m sure this is the common situation of many people learning programming in particular and learning technology in general.

The reason for studying a lot, a little of each thing, in my opinion, has two reasons, more specifically:

+ You don’t have a clear direction in programming (web programming, mobile or artificial intelligence (AI) technologies…) so just learn a little bit of everything but get nowhere.

+ The training program (especially university training) is quite long, but each module (subject) has a relatively short time.

In theory, you’ll have to do your own research, but you know, very few people do that. All study for completion, study for yes, pass the subject.. so each subject knows a little bit and does not go anywhere.

=> So the question is how to overcome this situation? As I mentioned above, you should find yourself a clear direction and persistently pursue it.

Sometimes you have to learn how to sacrifice time for other things to maintain a habit and make it your specialty.

#2. Too focused on programming languages

I still remember, having the opportunity to sit next to 2nd year students and listen to them tell each other about this programming language is very good, the other programming language is very good.

Things to avoid when learning CODE | Program

Then I turned to ask them for ideas to solve a simple problem, which is the problem of finding the greatest common divisor (a problem for high school students).

The amazing thing is that they didn’t say the idea, but they were able to code the program in several different programming languages.

It means that they are lacking the ability to abstract the problem, but only know how to use programming languages ​​to detail existing problems.

I think this is probably the way many of you learn nowadays, especially when there are so many programming languages ​​with easy-to-learn syntax like today, so learning the language is simpler than giving a solution to a problem. subject.

Of course, I agree that each programming language will have its own strengths and weaknesses. If a programmer is “mastery” of a few programming languages, that’s a good thing, because there are more tools and more solutions to a problem.

But you should remember that the essence of programming is still solving problems, and problems are not always available for you to solve. So learn to think about problem solving before thinking about what programming language to use.

#3. Study alone

Why study alone should not? There are many of you who really like to study alone because then it will be more focused and effective.

Things to avoid when learning CODE | Program

Actually, I don’t mean to advise you to invite your friends to a coffee shop to code. It’s simply that you should find yourself a few friends with the same career orientation to study together.

I am reminded of a good saying that is: If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. This is true in many areas of life.

I firmly believe that having a student together will be a lot more motivating than studying alone.

Sometimes when I have this problem, that problem, I don’t know who to ask, so I turn to my friend and ask “Hey, have you encountered this error, show me!”. Luckily, he just met it, but if not, the two guys sit and search google to find a solution, very happy

Not only that, group learning sometimes also helps a lot later, when you participate in real projects – where you have to work with many other people.

#4. Learning does not go hand in hand with onions

Another harsh reality that you should soon realize to avoid getting caught is learning but not doing anything relevant or applicable at work.

Things to avoid when learning CODE | Program

At this point, many brothers will jump in and say that “I do research, but I do theory all day, just doing research, but no one is free to do things like you guys” ….

Agree, if you do research, your topic will be more abstract. But that doesn’t mean you research stuff that no one uses or doesn’t solve a problem. OK !

I don’t know how other industries are, but when it comes to technology, you must understand that all new technologies are born to solve a certain problem that the old technologies have not been able to do, or do with too low performance.

So I advise you when learning to code, you should understand the theory (syntax, structure, context) and find ways to apply what you have learned into a real product.

#5. Lazy to read documents

Things to avoid when learning CODE | Program

To put it bluntly, most of the good and new technology and programming documents are written in English.

And English is the fatal weakness of many people who study programming and technology in general.

This is also the main reason why you are so lazy to read the material, but instead, you mainly learn through tutorials (step-by-step) with detailed step-by-step instructions.

I don’t object to this because when we start learning we often expect to do something, expect the code to run to see “hope”.

But in the long run, this is really bad, because the content of the tutorials is not in-depth and is more of a guide than a solution.

So if you want to progress and understand technology deeply, you should read books or documments about the technology you want to learn. It will be a bit extreme, but if you read it, you will get used to it.

#6. Epilogue

Ok, with that much “DO NOT” things when learning to code then I hope it will be useful to you, and if you find it right, please share this article with other programmers and apply it to yourself.

In fact, avoiding bad habits in the early years of learning programming will help you a lot later. Because it’s not easy to change a habit, you know that right °◡°

See you guys in the next posts.

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