Things men should know when shopping for technology

Technology products are always the field of choice and passion for men. With the development of technology and e-commerce sites, men gradually formed a habit of online shopping for their favorite items, instead of going to stores as before. What caused this trend?

It can be seen that for any technology enthusiast, specifications, product specifications, prices are the first thing to be concerned about. With traditional purchasing methods, consumers will have to go to each store to find out. In particular, the fact that stores list one price per place makes consumers feel confused. But online shopping is the opposite.

Just need a smartphone or device to access the internet, anytime, anywhere, men can go to applications, sales websites for information, origin, quality, level Price difference of products, not to mention there are forums to share and compare information about a product line of different brands. These parameters help them make a comparison, which leads to the decision to buy, choose for themselves the product that suits the needs but still ensures the price and quality.

Not only is the reference channel, comparison, online shopping also helps consumers to benefit from the price when shopping on promotions, incentives from brands, shopping apps, e-commerce sites. death. Mr. Do Manh Cuong (Cau Giay, Hanoi) proved to be happy when he just owned a smart watch with a “good price”. He said: “I have liked this watch since its inception. Right from that moment, I went to the company’s website, shared forums to learn and enjoyed it. But the price of It’s quite expensive so I decided to wait for the big sale. Notably, Mr. Cuong said, he used credit cards to make payments, so he also received incentives from the bank.

In fact, shopping by credit card brings a lot of benefits to customers such as: Quick payment, time saving, safety and security. In particular, some banks also design their own card line for those who like to shop online with the feature of accumulating reward points and refunds when customers pay for goods online via credit card. This offer helps customers save a lot when shopping normally.

The card market survey shows that the SeA-Easy credit card of Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SeABank), which was launched in late 2019, is highly appreciated by customers with a discount of up to 8% for all transactions. online payment services at major e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Tiki, Aliexpress, Itunes … When shopping on other sites, there are attractive refunds. The maximum refund amount is up to VND 7.2 million / year. In addition to the cashback feature, all customer transactions are secured with standard EMV chip technology – the world’s leading security solution and 3D Secure.

The trend of online shopping is forecast to be even more explosive. What makes the attraction of this shopping channel will still be the benefits for consumers brought by brands, manufacturers, and banks such as: Competitive prices, attractive promotions, cashback incentives. … Therefore, whether women or men, they should “memorize” shopping tips or in other words, the advantages of online shopping channels to not miss great shopping opportunities. catch up with current cashless spending trend.

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