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Thien Long Bat Bo: Why did Mo Dung Phuc marry Vuong Ngu Yen?

In the novel Thien Long Bat Bo by the late writer Kim Dung, Mo Dung is a special character. He is not evil, nor the heroic hero. He is not inferior, nor is he the first hero.

Mo Dung Phuc (Tu Hien) in Thien Long Bowl in 2003.

“Bac Kieu Phong, Nam Mo Dung” is a chant in martial arts circles. Kieu Phong in the North, Co To Mo Dung in the South became a symbol of martial arts and charisma for all martial artists. It is true that the person who has not come but the legend has come first, the body has not appeared but the name has shocked the gang, Mo Dung Phuc is such a person.

The late writer Kim Dung had been diligently constructing the appearance of Mo Dung Phuc, according to the tactics that La Quan Trung arranged for the appearance of Khong Minh in the Three Kingdoms. Before Khong Ming appeared, the reader had to meet with Liu Bei to meet the friends or relatives of Khong Ming, thereby gradually visualizing the person of Khong Ming.

Mo Dung Phuc is also like that. The appearance of Mo Dung Phuc was flickering in rumors, in anecdotes spread throughout the martial arts, made Tomb Dung Phuc look like a dragon that saw only head but did not see tail.

As soon as he entered Trung Nguyen, the son of Mo Dung had a great reputation, worthy of the heroic title in the world of monks. As an all-round martial arts prince, Mo Dung Phuc is admired by many people. Tomb of Murong is Vuong Ngu Yen with her beauty tilted into the water, for him is also before and after deep love.

However, because Mo Dung Phuc is a descendant of the Yen royal family (Nam Yen, Hau Yen, Tien Yen) during the Cross Continent. Until the Song dynasty, Dai Yen country was no more. And the dream of national dress has become an obsession of the descendants of the next generation. Mu Dung Uncle named his son Phuc, with the intention that his son would restore the kingdom proclaimed king and restore the ancestral inheritance. He wanted to stir up the courage between Tong and Khiet Dan so that Dai Yen would be able to thrive. Only because of that political ambition that Mo Dung Uncle set up a blood case in Nhan Mon quan, pushed Tieu Vien Son’s wife to death and started the tragic life of Kieu Phong. Tomb Dung later also used all kinds of ways to fulfill his dream of restoring his dynasty and becoming emperor. This is the main reason that led to Mo Dung Phuc not marrying Vuong Ngu Yen.

A pair of bronze fairies

Thien Long Bat Bo Why did Mo Dung Phuc marry Vuong Ngu Yen | Khám phá

Mu Dung Phuc – Vuong Ngu Yen in Thien Long Bowl in 2003.

Vuong Ngu Yen is endowed with a beauty of heavenly water and a more diligent mind. She memorized almost every martial art scriptures in the world (except for the Six Circles of the Sacred Sword of Doan Thi Dai Ly), so that whoever hit a single move she called the correct name of that move, and at the same time knew how solve. Inadvertently she became a living martial arts dictionary, and since she did not know martial arts, many forces yearned to kidnap her to pressure the family name Mu Dung and let her teach her martial arts moves. lost.

Doan Du always worshiped Vuong Ngu Yen as an extremely pure and noble fairy. While his “Billionaire Angel” is only one heart devoted to deep, faithful love for Tomb Dung. Day and night, she memorized all the scriptures and martial arts secrets in the world in the hope of helping Mo Dung Phuc improve her skills.

Thien Long Bat Bo Why did Mo Dung Phuc marry Vuong Ngu Yen | Khám phá

Doan Du (Lam Chi Dinh) – Vuong Ngu Yen Thien Long in 2003.

Doan Du observed that Ngu Yen did not take her eyes off of a handsome male man, I wore a robe, a long sword waist, a gentle general, a noble brother, looked at for a while and had to say: “Everyone The person who said that Mur Dung is a human in the middle of a dragon phoenix, indeed the name is immortal. It is not uncommon for the princess to fall in love with him like this. In this life in this life, perhaps the fate of suffering is predetermined ”.

In a sense, Mo Dung Phuc and Vuong Ngu Yen are truly fairies of a bronze goddess, well-matched for a couple, a couple of highly cooperative couples, but the two of them could not be a couple to write a love story. Rare years to sometimes even deliberately distance themselves from each other.

Personality of two people

Mo Dung Phuc himself is a handsome, handsome man, strong bravery, so he lives an authoritarian patriarchal personality. This personality type has many major flaws. This personality is partly due to the pressure of the Mo Dung family, partly because he himself has too much hope (always wanting to restore Dai Yen).

Murmurat basically doesn’t know how to care about a girl’s feelings. When we were together, it was Vuong Ngu Yen who took care of him. On the contrary, Mo Dung, before and after, could not do anything that touched Vuong Ngu Yen, even loudly, cursing, making her feel sad.

Vuong Ngu Yen’s mother

Thien Long Bat Bo Why did Mo Dung Phuc marry Vuong Ngu Yen | Khám phá

Vuong Ngu Yen (Liu Yifei) in Thien Long Bowl in 2003.

Since childhood, Mo Dung Phuc has grown up under the blame of his mother, gradually forming a kind of inferiority. Vuong Ngu Yen’s mother also always despised Mo Dung Phuc. For him, this is a huge amount of criticism. In the eyes of Mo Dung Phuc, to say, Vuong Ngu Yen’s mother is like his own, an “imaginary enemy” in his heart, who always makes him feel inferior and inferior.

Mu Dung Phuc defies tricks to restore the country

Mo Dung Phuc is no different from her father, setting aside his own love to take care of the country. Although she knows that Vuong Ngu Yen secretly loves her, and in her mind she also considers her a soul mate, but for Murong, a great career is first. He was willing to put everything aside for a glorious illusion.

His heavy political mission has made him turn his face away from Vuong Ngu Yen’s love. In the heart of Murong, the emperor’s dream has filled up, so love has no place. In the conflict between “love” and “great career”, victory is inclined to the word “great karma”.

Because in order to restore the country, Mo Dung Phuc defies tricks and dares to do everything. In order to win the hearts of Doan Dien Khanh, Mo Dung accepted this villain as his adoptive father, ready to kill his own faithful god Bao Dong. Also, because in order to achieve his purpose, Mo Dung Phuc brings his own woman as an “item” of exchange. When she knew that Doan Du was the prince of Dai Ly, Mo Dung Phuc even took Vuong Ngu Yen to win the hearts of Doan Du, using her beauty as a shortcut for her to restore the country.

Thien Long Bat Bo Why did Mo Dung Phuc marry Vuong Ngu Yen | Khám phá

Mo Dung Phuc is always haunted by the dream of national submission.

Not only considering Ngu Yen an item of exchange, Mo Dung Phuc also wanted to find herself a capable and powerful wife. So when he heard the news of Tay Ha country was cocooning, hero Mo Dung Phuc immediately joined in, hoping that he could become a phoenix, to borrow Tay Ha troops to restore Dai Yen.

To achieve that, Mo Dung mercilessly betrayed Vuong Ngu Yen who had followed her for a long time, refusing her sincere love to find another illusion. On the way to Tay Ha to propose, Mo Dung tricked Doan Du into throwing him into the well because he wanted to eliminate one opponent.

Mu Dung also ignored him when Vuong Ngu Yen plunged into the well in despair when he learned that he was determined to put great karma above his feelings. This incident caused Vuong Ngu Yen to break his heart, extremely compassionate, and fortunately changed his destiny, stepping on a new path full of luck. Only by the Doan Du’s side can she be happy and square.

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