These parrots taught each other so much swearing that the zoo was forced to isolate them from the herd

2020 is a tough year and going for a walk in the zoo is sometimes a risky thing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. But with zoos open, seeing some animals can definitely provide a fun little vacation for the dull traveler.

Unfortunately, the Lincolnshire Wildlife Center in England was recently forced to limit visitor access to some parrots, for a rather “reluctant” reason.

Because it seems that some parrots have learned some bad language from tourists or from the custodian. And they started to teach each other to pronounce some “seriously offensive” phrases. As a result, five parrots named Billy, Eric, Tyson, Jade and Elsie were separated from the herd in a move to try to erase their newly-learned vices.

It is especially interesting that the cursing of the parrots previously received no complaints from tourists. It seems even more like the people passing by and seeing these curses are more funny and charming than anything else in the zoo.

A gray parrot is eating peanuts.

“We’re pretty used to swearing, but we’ve never had 5 parrots cussing at once,” Steve Nichols, chief executive of the zoo, said. “Most parrots are loved by everyone, but for some reason these five are the most popular. When a parrot says ‘f * ck off’, it makes people very excited. And it has brought a refreshing smile to a really tough year. “

Tourists all love to hear parrots cursing, but the staff decided to separate them. Because gray parrots usually live in a flock of about 200, it is a wise idea to isolate those who like to swear before they spread their habits to the rest.

Because some parrots curse visitors can be very funny, but if you can imagine hundreds of them cursing together, it will be easy to understand why the zoo had to make this difficult decision.

In particular, when combined with the fact that zoo’s visitors are mostly children, it makes the decision to keep cursing parrots separate from each other justified. No tourists have complained yet, but it is probably only a matter of time before a family with young children passes by and sees the birds creating more discomfort than charm.

The parrots are said to be kept in different areas of the zoo. The staff hopes that without “bad friends” around to trigger swearing, the birds will return to a more normal way of talking.

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