These hashtags are hot on Tik Tok for young people, quickly updated to become dark people now

Unlike Instagram, which only focuses on still frames, Tik Tok, despite late birth, is an extremely popular social platform among young people. Because, Tik Tok allows users to express their personality in a more interesting and unique way through videos and dozens of features and tools to add cool effects.

That’s why the platform quickly attracted hundreds of millions of users after only three years of appearance. Also on here, so many strange trends are born that make the whole world admire, such as the Haribo marshmallow challenge or Travel Pretend that has rained everywhere.

Vietnamese users are also very fond of Tik Tok with their own trend series. For example, recently, the hashtag # hello2020 is attracting over 200 million views, #thuthachdongho is both fun and funny or #toingayay to compare myself and how different it is now.

These are the #hashtag that Vietnamese people are interested in on Tik Tok. Which one have you been waiting for?

More specifically, there is a new challenge called #danceAwesome, which has been available for less than 3 days but has attracted billions of views on Tik Tok alone.

Turns out, this challenge is derived from 4 girls of BlackPink and a series of the most prominent Tik Toker today. Right from the first day it appeared, this hashtag has quickly added thousands of new videos. Her fans are really “devoted”, uploading all the beautiful cover dance videos and putting this hashtag on the top of search in just a few hours.

These hashtags are hot on Tik Tok for young people quickly updated to become dark people now | Live

In just 2 days, #danceAwesome has gained over 3 billion views on Tik Tok.

On other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, Blinks are also enthusiastically responding to the #danceAwesome challenge from 4 YG girls. Just search for the keyword #danceAwesome, you will immediately see thousands of results with very impressive covers. It only takes 15 seconds to express the impression of the unique song, accompanied by impressive choreography, characterized by BlackPink.

These hashtags are hot on Tik Tok for young people quickly updated to become dark people now | Live

Don’t forget to look forward to exclusive exchanges with BlackPink on 14/1.

Not only that, in the introduction video of the challenge, BlackPink also revealed one more great information for Asian Blinks. That is the exclusive meeting with BlackPink which takes place at 17:00 on January 14 in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is the first gift from 4 members, combined with Samsung’s Galaxy A smartphone series, promising to continue to have more surprises in 2020.

What are you waiting for, look forward to the information and event livestream section via fanpage Please.

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