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There is no superior technology, this is how Apple conquered users and also why iFan is so ‘crazy’.

The AirPods launch event in 2016 was tied to a major controversy in the smartphone market: was Apple right to eliminate the headphone port and bring a series of other smartphone manufacturers to take the same step? Despite that controversy, AirPods quickly created a turning point for the global headphone market, at the same time giving birth to a whole new segment of headphones (True Wireless), where Apple continues to dominate today. now on.

One of the best features of AirPods is the ability to automatically connect when approaching phones. Along with other “small but useful” features such as automatically stopping when you remove the headset from your ear or tapping to activate Siri, this simple connection feature makes AirPods quickly become a symbol of usability. Before Apple, no other manufacturer has been able to create such a feature – even NFC’s “one-touch” connection is more complex.

And then when AirPods were clones, people realized the difference of Apple: the “miraculous” connection of AirPods turned out to be nothing high. No need to use NFC, nor need to use chip “parcel” W1 in the machine, Apple only uses Bluetooth “regular” to automatically connect AirPods to iPhone. The way to connect is simply to calculate the angle of movement of the headset compared to the phone: identify the AirPods approaching, the iPhone will automatically pair (pair) and play music.

Still just Bluetooth, no other smartphone manufacturer has created a way to connect smart headsets like Apple.

History of Apple products is not lacking of similar situations, when the company of Steve Jobs / Tim Cook triumphs not by high technology but by simple solutions. Apple Watch for example. Launched later than Android Wear, Tizen and also more expensive, but Apple Watch still easily rose to the top of the market, even surpassing traditional mechanical watches. The key to Apple doing this is the “old and new” mechanism: instead of trying to cram the feature into the watch’s tiny touch screen, Apple turned to the traditional rotation. The result is that users don’t have to struggle with tiny buttons, but they can still navigate easily within the space of less than 2 inches of the Apple Watch.

It’s a super-simple solution, even found in watches from centuries ago: from time immemorial, watch companies knew how to use dials to adjust the time and date. But on the first Android – Moto 360, both Google and Motorola were just thinking of using these basic components as … buttons. Thinking less than user experience has caused Android Wear to fall before the Apple Watch, even though Android smartphones are still leading the market before the iPhone, and even though Android Wear has the advantage of launching before the Apple Watch half. year.

There is no superior technology this is how Apple conquered users and also why iFan is so crazy | Digital toys

The success of a smartwatch begins with a component that has existed on mechanical watches decades ago.

The same kind of rotation made Apple history: ClickWheel on iPod. In the era of new digital music, the contemporary mp3 producers do not understand why always make users browse the song by pressing each button to move the song in lists of dozens or even hundreds of songs. sing. The ClickWheel wheel of the iPod is a surprisingly simple solution, and once again it’s not something far-fetched as music players use the knob to adjust the volume, adjust the sound or select a channel from. a long time ago.

Or as the case of iPad: compared with the tablet running Windows 7 at the same time, Apple’s tablet inferior features than. The comparison between the iPad and Lenovo X201 or the Fujitsu Lifebook is a comparison between the “enlarged iPhone” and the full PC. But this makes the iPad the first successful tablet in the history of computing. Because only the iPhone OS interface enlarges, the iPad is easier to use, becoming a personal device that fills the rest of the needs of users, for entertainment, for simple web surfing. The Windows 7 tablet, like the Windows XP tablet from the early 2000s, is so crammed with features that it is bulky and difficult to use.

In a nutshell, Apple’s solution to solve the problem of the tablet is not a screen technology or a new chip, but only a larger interface.

There is no superior technology this is how Apple conquered users and also why iFan is so crazy | Digital toys

Get into people’s hearts with simple solutions that no one else thinks of.

Saying that does not mean that Apple has never launched a true technological masterpiece. In 2007, when the iPhone was released, BlackBerry CEO Mike Lazaridis had to say, “We are competing with Macs, not with Nokia anymore.” The iPhone at the time not only pioneered the capacitive touch technology and intuitive multitouch interface, but was also one of the first smartphones to use a PC-like architecture.

But few people can understand the superiority of the Apple. Referring to the technology is still referring to a world of mass products, where convenience must be placed above all. No wonder people only consider Apple the design king in the world of technology: without anything superior, Apple finds genius in the smallest things.

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