There is a patent on a smartphone with up to 8 rear cameras and 4 LED flash lights?

The smartphone industry is evolving rapidly, and there is no basis to confirm which new technology will emerge. In recent times, we have seen new smartphone technologies emerge Android. And it’s clear that smartphone manufacturers are under great pressure to bring about innovation.

Over the past few years, the camera has been one of the parts that companies pay the most attention to and care for. Not only improving image quality, but firms are also racing to increase the number of image sensors. If only a few years ago, two cameras were plural, until now 5 new cameras are called plural. Even in the recent report, smartphones with 8 rear cameras will be the next direction of the companies.

As of 2020, a cluster of three or four cameras is no longer an exception. But with up to 8 cameras, that’s a pretty big number. Chinese camera and touchscreen module maker Lens Technology is said to be working on an eight-camera module for smartphones.

Founded in 2003 under the hands of Zhou Qunfei, Lens Technology has grown strongly and became a supplier to Apple, Samsung and Huawei, … Typically, the Apple Watch display is currently supplied by Lens Technology. .

At the end of May 2020, Lens Technology applied for a remarkable new design patent in China. Patents were approved on October 2 and have also been entered into the database of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) to protect the design worldwide.

It’s surprising that the patent mentions a future smartphone with a completely full-screen display. Machine only a physical button appears at the bottom, integrated in the screen. The device does not have a “mole” and does not see the appearance of a hole camera or pop-up camera.

There is a patent on a smartphone with up to 8 rear cameras and 4 LED flash lights | Mobile

If the front of the machine does not have any camera, the back of the device has up to 8 rear cameras. One number can suffocate many people. The cameras are located in each corner of the device and the LED flash cluster is in the middle. So this machine has a total of 8 rear cameras and 4 LED flash lights on the back.

In the back we also see a small black dot at the top (in the middle). This could be a microphone, which makes for better video recording. Furthermore, there is a USB-C connection on the bottom and a physical button on the left.

It’s a very remarkable design. The only smartphone with more cameras than this number belongs to a smartphone patent that has 16 cameras from LG. However, the two ideas are different when LG’s smartphone patent places a 16-camera cluster in the square and the idea of ​​Lens Technology is to place the dual camera clusters in the corners.

There is a patent on a smartphone with up to 8 rear cameras and 4 LED flash lights | Mobile

Unfortunately, the technology world cannot know more details about the camera system in the patent. It is not yet clear whether this is a factor in the design or whether such a camera could have any other value in the photographic process. This will depend on the type of lens being used, for example wide-angle, super wide-angle, telephoto, etc.

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