There are up to 4 sons, why is Liu Bei still forced to pass the throne to Liu Shan?

Liu Bei (161 – 223) was a military leader and also the founding emperor of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history.

Now whenever he mentions the monarch’s family, most of the historical documents state that he has 4 sons. Among them, the eldest is Luu Phong adopted, the remaining 3 sons, Luu Thien, Luu Vinh and Luu Ly respectively.

But it is worth mentioning that, at the time of choosing a successor to succeed, Liu Bei decided to pass the throne to the most ordinary son, Liu Shan.

There is even an opinion that leaving a foolish and feeble person like Liu Shan to succeed is one of the most wrong choices of Liu Bei and the Shu Dynasty. But is that really the case?

Revealing the identity of 4 sons of Luu Thien

Among the 4 sons recorded by Liu Bei, the oldest figure must mention Liu Feng. He was originally named Khau, his biological mother was a descendant of Han dynasty, and was adopted by Liu Bei when he was 10 years old.

Following Liu Bei from this adoptive father, who was also the war hero of the North, Luu Phong was also highly respected. But at the time Guan Yu lost to run at Mach Thanh, instead of helping, he crossed his arms and watched the tiger being pushed to death’s door.

It was the wrong decision that made Liu Feng disgraced and his adopted father Liu Bei died.

Among the remaining sons of Liu Bei, Liu Bei is the most famous, but it is unclear which is the first son of the Fairy.

Luu Thien was born in 207 by Cam lady. At this time, his father was 45 years old and still relying on Luu Bieu’s power in Kinh Chau land.

Later, Liu Shan was succeeded by Liu Bei and became the second Emperor of the Shu Han dynasty, known as the Late Master.

When Thuc Han was killed, Luu Thien was escorted to Luoyang and was appointed as an Musician by Cao Wei.

There are up to 4 sons why is Liu Bei still forced to pass the throne to Liu Shan | Manga/Film

Besides Luu Shan, Liu Bei has two other sons recorded by the official history, Liu Yong and Liu Li.

Liu Yong is Liu Shan’s half-brother. His biological mother had no record of origin. Luu Vinh was first made Lo Lo, after Phong was Cam Lang Vuong.

Later, because of discord with Luu Thien’s charismatic eunuch Hoang Hao, he was immediately cold-blooded by his gut. When Shu Han was defeated, Liu Hao was also forced to move to Luoyang, appointed by Cao Wei as a captain, enjoying the title of marquis.

Luu Ly is the half brother from Luu Thien, Luu Vinh. His wife was also not recorded in the history of her birth. In the past, Luu Ly was promoted to Luong king, later became An Binh king, but because of his early death, he was granted the title of King Dieu.

In addition to these children, Liu Bei has 2 daughters who used to follow in the battle of Trường Bản. However, both of them were then taken prisoner by Cao army and forced to marry Cao’s son.

It is also reported that, around the year of the first Kien An (in 196), Liu Bei had at least had a son. However, this hypothesis has not been validated to this day.

Two reasons why Liu Bei was forced to transfer the throne to Liu Shan

To this day, there are many ideas that Liu Bei handed the throne to a normal-born son like Liu Shan could be considered one of the most wrong decisions in his life.

However, in the view of the Chinese historical site Qulishi, this is essentially the most rational decision of the Fairy at that time for the following two reasons.

First, the not-so-established notion of ancient China.

There are up to 4 sons why is Liu Bei still forced to pass the throne to Liu Shan | Manga/Film

Artwork (Source Internet).

In 226 after the defeat at the Battle of Di Lang before Dong Wu, Liu Bei became very ill and became seriously ill. Before his death, he decided to give the throne to his oldest son, Liu Shan.

At that time, although Luu Thien was not over 20 years old, he was still older than his two half-brother brothers, Luu Vinh and Luu Ly.

Although to this day, sources of data are still controversial with Liu Bei’s rank among Liu Bei’s sons.

But no matter what the second son he is, at the time of choosing a successor, Luu Thien is still the eldest in terms of age and can be considered as the eldest, especially when the eldest is Liu Feng was ban died from earlier.

In China during the feudal period, the notion of the founder was not long established and became more and more considered by royal royalty.

Therefore, the establishment of Luu Thien Luu succession can also be considered as a reasonable situation based on the concept at that time.

Secondly, Liu Bei soon found someone to pave the way for the future of Liu Shan and the Shu Dynasty.

There are up to 4 sons why is Liu Bei still forced to pass the throne to Liu Shan | Manga/Film

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In fact, at the time of leaving the throne, Liu Bei entrusted his son to Shu Han’s two core deities at the time. It was the Prime Minister Gia Cat Luong and the great minister Ly Nghiem.

As one of the minor characters Luu Be from the time of building up the career, talent and merit of Gia Cat Khong Minh from early fame resounded the Three Kingdoms. So Liu Bei’s son sent to this god is not what makes people surprised.

In addition, another great minister assigned to be the assistant to the Emperor is Ly Nghiem – who was praised by Gia Cat Luong himself for possessing talents no less than Dong Wu’s General Luc Ton.

Therefore, although Luu Thien possesses a normal nature, there are even opinions that he is a fool and a weak man, but with the help of these two talented talents, the future of the New Emperor and Shu Han in the next few decades is not a cause for concern.

And maybe, Liu Bei is also able to see through this, so he can safely close his eyes when he places great karma in the hands of his child who does not have these outstanding parts.

Looking back on Liu Bei’s life, it is not difficult to see him as one of the characters who achieved relatively late success in Chinese feudal history. It was not until the age of 60 that Liu Bei obtained the empire, but in general, it has not been possible to complete the unified karma.

Moreover, Liu Bei is also different from characters like Zhou Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty or Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, who do not have descendants full of flocks to be able to choose their successor. This was one of the regrets in the life of the Emperor.

Because of that, at the time of finding a successor, Luu Thien is one of the most satisfactory choices, and is the most reasonable decision that Liu Bei has devoted himself to at the end of his life to consider and consider.

* From Qulishi’s point of view.

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