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There are 200,000 Chinese faces destroyed in 10 years: When the beauty boundary – death is extremely fragile and the chaos of ‘soul surgery’

Today young girls almost see the title “Hotgirl Network” as a goal to strive for. If they feel that they are not beautiful enough, they will perform plastic surgery according to the “Hotgirl Face” standard, regardless of their face becoming mass and low level of discrimination but only need to have more confidence. .

What is “hotgirl face”? The answer of the online community is: Small face with pointed chin, vertical nose bridge, small nose tip, large eyelids, indifferent smiling mouth, heart lips, high arch of eyebrows, high forehead, full cheeks .

These girls have the characteristics of a “hotgirl face”.

Through cosmetic surgery, Chinese women have actually become more beautiful and more confident. But, everything in the world is a double-edged sword.

The price is too great for molting butterfly

According to data published by the China Consumer Association, from 2002 to 2012, an average of more than 20,000 people complain about plastic surgery every year. In total, in those 10 years, 200,000 people were ruined by their beauty with cutlery.

Cosmetic surgery brings unforeseen risks and dangers. The plastic surgery industry in China is growing at a very fast pace, and the news of “plastic surgery incidents” has also appeared denser. Among them, the fact that a 19-year-old girl died from a rhinoplasty caused a stir in the online community for a long time.

Xia Xia is a sophomore at a university in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China. Because of the low nose bridge, she is not confident in her appearance. After many consultations, Xia Xia decided to perform cosmetic surgery at a cosmetic hospital in Guiyang.

Although worried about the risks of surgery, but thinking about the commitment of the doctor, she ventured to sign a plastic surgery contract and paid more than 10,000 yuan (over 33 million VND) to the hospital.

More than 4 hours later, the surgery was not over but the doctors left the operating room one after another. When the family members asked, they only gave a short sentence: “The surgery is still in progress”.

It was not until 9 pm that Xiao Xia’s family was informed that she had died after being transferred to the nearby Guizhou Medical University Hospital. The young female student ended her precious life just because of a rhinoplasty surgery.

There are 200 000 Chinese faces destroyed in 10 years When the beauty boundary death is extremely fragile and the chaos of soul surgery | Khám phá

In August 2019, Xiaoyang, a mother of two twin sons, went to the hospital to ask to have liposuction surgery on her face and neck without informing her family. Shortly after being anesthetized, Xiao Yang fell into a coma and never woke up again.

When Tieu Duong’s husband arrived, he saw only blood on the neck of his wife. Tieu Duong died before he could say goodbye to his two young sons.

In addition to death, some women also suffer from abuse due to failed cosmetic surgery.

Pinky Baby is a girl who has undergone more than 200 cosmetic surgeries in China. After first cutting her eyelids at age 16, she was constantly lying on the operating table with a series of nose, liposuction, breast augmentation surgery, … Every part of Pinky Baby’s body has touched the knife. drag.

However, some time later, her body began to develop complications, she could not take care of herself and had to sit in a wheelchair for a lifetime. She was forced to wear hats and masks whenever and wherever to hide her heavily damaged face. Pinky Baby never has a normal life again.

Cases of “soul surgeries”

When plastic surgery in China became overcrowded, young women decided to “pack towels” on their way to Korea. However, with huge demand for cutlery, Korean cosmetic surgery industry is becoming more and more chaotic. Beauty lovers trust the expertise of famous doctors but the number of such physicians is limited. Therefore, some hospitals have devised “soul surgery”.

A professional doctor will make a pledge to perform cosmetic surgery but after anesthesia, the hospital will automatically switch to a new doctor who is involved in the surgery. The alternate may not have a practicing certificate or be a minor nurse in the hospital.

There are 200 000 Chinese faces destroyed in 10 years When the beauty boundary death is extremely fragile and the chaos of soul surgery | Khám phá

The image was cut from CCTV’s “soul surgery” reportage.

A plastic surgeon in South Korea said, from the beginning of 2000 until now, about 200-300 people have died from “soul surgery”. Kwon is a guy who dreams of becoming an star. At that time, he wanted to have surgery to reduce his jawbone to make his face more compact.

When Kwon was newly anesthetized, a “soul doctor” entered the operating room. This person used the cutlery in the wrong way, causing Kwon to bleed more than usual. However, the “soul doctor” still focused on cutting the jawbone for Kwon to stop bleeding so bloody under the operating table. The operation assistant had to clean the house 13 times.

Eventually, the “soul doctor” was out of control, Kwon died on his way to another hospital for emergency treatment due to excessive blood loss.

In a major plastic surgery hospital in Korea, the development of “soul surgery” has always been “supported” from various parts. Newcomers want to gain experience while the number of skilled doctors is limited. The two sides have worked together to satisfy their own interests.

At the same time, fake medicine is also another danger to the health of people who want plastic surgery. From the production stage to the time when people are transferred into the human body, the value has been increased from 5 to 10 times.

For example, a bottle of Botulinum is made in a small factory in a people’s house with raw material of 0.6 yuan / bottle (nearly 2 thousand VND) but sold for up to 8,000 yuan (over 26 million VND).

There are 200 000 Chinese faces destroyed in 10 years When the beauty boundary death is extremely fragile and the chaos of soul surgery | Khám phá

In addition, the cooperation between the financial industry and the beauty industry makes young people encounter snares everywhere. Xiaoping was a student in Zhengzhou (Henan Province, China). On one occasion, Tieu Truong saw an advertisement for a 50,000-yuan salary model (more than VND 166 million) a month on a job search website and decided to apply online.

The recruiter said that Tieu Truong’s appearance is not suitable but proposed that she borrow money from a third party for cosmetic surgery to suit the job requirements. Tieu Truong’s salary will later be deducted to pay to the 3rd party and in just over half a year is enough. However, still feeling vague, Xiaoping decided to refuse.

Fake doctors, fake drugs and fake loans seem to have turned the beauty industry into fraudulent scams. These dark benefits inadvertently deprive young people of their right to be more beautiful.

Source: Zhihu, Sina, CCTV

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