Theory of Thor 4: The Stone of Reality has given Jane Foster superpowers from the past

Thor: Love and Thunder will completely change Jane Foster’s role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but are her superpowers and cancer the result of the Stone of Reality?

As mentioned in previous postMjolnir may be the cause of Jane Foster’s cancer in Thor 4, but this character has been exposed to the Stone of Reality in the movie Thor: The Dark World (2013). So Jane Foster may have had cancer and had superpowers right from that moment, not waiting until she lifted the hammer Mjolnir, but for the MCU, anything can happen …

Natalie Portman joined the MCU as the best astrophysicist in Thor in 2011. She is primarily a Thor’s lover played by Chris Hemsworth. The character continued to return to the big screen with a similar role in Thor: The Dark World, but that movie was also the last time viewers have seen her appear in the MCU since 2013.

After the great success of Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi was selected as the screenwriter and director of the fourth solo film for Thor. Taika Waititi said Thor 4 will ease but the comical and ridiculous element of Ragnarok while continuing Thor’s journey after he left Earth with Guardians of the Galaxy at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

Hemsworth’s Thor and Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie will return as expected, but what Marvel Studios most surprised fans with is that they brought Portman back into a more important role, she would use Mjolnir and become Mighty Thor.

Thor’s journey in the previous solo film has seen him lose Mjolnir, his eye, and father while finding his true strength. And in this movie, perhaps this journey will show Jane deserves to lift the hammer of thunder in the midst of her ongoing battle with cancer. Both of those elements come from the original comic book, but the MCU is always changing from the original. And perhaps the earlier Thor: The Dark World movie set a great explanation for why Jane could use a hammer and get cancer.

Mighty Thor is a little different from the original

Theory of Thor 4 The Stone of Reality has given Jane Foster superpowers from the past | Live

The advent of Mighty Thor, and the story of Thor and Jane, could change a lot. The MCU’s use of Mjolnir seems to have been that Jane might not physically transform when becoming a Mighty Thor like in the comics. When Captain America raised the hammer Mjolnir in Avengers: Endgame, it seemed that the superhero didn’t become too much stronger physically or equipped with an Asgardian armor. And most likely this will be a precedent for Jane’s physical form, she won’t change as much as in the comics.

However, Thor: Love and Thunder could also change Jane’s dependence on Mjolnir. Thor in Thor: Ragnarok realized that his power comes from within, not Mjolnir. He deserves to be a leader, a king even without a hammer and seems even stronger without it.

Thor’s power went up in Avengers: Infinity War with the addition of Stormbreaker. With Thor realizing he could become a hero without Mjolnir, it’s not so convincing just by holding the hammer to gain power. This also underpins the Stone of Reality hypothesis that caused Jane to transform into Mighty Thor the moment she came into contact with it in Thor: The Dark World.

Why could Jane get cancer in Thor 4

Theory of Thor 4 The Stone of Reality has given Jane Foster superpowers from the past | Live

Having superpowers is just one of two changes for Jane Foster in Thor: Love and Thunder, because many opinions suggest her second change and cancer.

This is also seen as an important part of her journey as Mighty Thor in the comics. In the original comic book, she is diagnosed with breast cancer and every time Jane uses Mjolnir and transforms into Mighty Thor, the chemotherapy treatments on her body become ineffective. Although Jane feels great in her Mighty Thor form, her body is getting worse and worse.

Jane’s use of Mjolnir will kill her faster or force her to never get hammered down. Waititi has yet to confirm whether a version of this plot will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder. But Portman recently accidentally revealed that Jane’s story will fundamentally change a lot from the original comic book.

And Jane Foster’s absence on the MCU screen since 2013 has given Marvel plenty of time to reveal when she was diagnosed when the disease occurred, and more specifically, it is believed. she survived Thanos’ snap.

Theory of Thor 4 The Stone of Reality has given Jane Foster superpowers from the past | Live

However, the seeds for Jane with cancer can emerge from Thor: The Dark World. Jane unintentionally summoned Aether (the Stone of Reality while in liquid form or mist) from another dimension. While Aether silently flowed inside her, Jane’s body became weaker and weaker until Malekith took it out of her.

However, this could change, with Aether being able to expose Jane’s DNA and be the cause of her cancer. Because as we all know, the MCU has also turned the Infinity Stones into the source of power for many superheroes. Captain Marvel got her powers from a Tesseract explosion with a Space Stone, Vision had a Mind Stone attached to her forehead, and Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver got their powers using the Mind Stone.

Also, Aether’s main strength is her ability to change reality, so the idea that the stone can change Jane’s DNA is inevitable. This may not only cause Jane to get cancer, but also impart some strength to her. They could even be the hidden abilities that Mjolnir could be the key to unleashing those powers.

Theory of Thor 4 The Stone of Reality has given Jane Foster superpowers from the past | Live

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