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Theme: ‘There are 4 houses, each has 4 rabbits. How many children are there in total, is answer 16 wrong?

When studying Math, when starting to learn multiplication and division, elementary school students began to step into more complex stages of calculation. Many problems are also more skillful with teachers, to challenge students’ reading comprehension skills and IQ scores.

Many parents always think that Primary Math is still very simple anyway, although adding quizzes can still solve it well. However, a recent problem has caused both parents and students to quarrel because they cannot always find the correct answer.

The subject is as follows: “There are 4 houses, each with 4 rabbits. Ask how many rabbits in total in the picture“.

Without thinking much, the Chinese student immediately gave the answer: “4 x rabbit”.

However, when the teacher marks again and crosses this answer, the test only gets 95/100 points.

The problem of calculating the number of rabbits is controversial

She has the top performance in her class, so the absurd subtraction made her warm and tell her parents. Parents rushed to call the teacher to make it possible, but this teacher calmly replied:

“4 houses, each house has 4 rabbits. So the number of rabbits in the house is 16. However, there must be more rabbits talking outside. That means there are 16 + rabbits”.

After listening, “startled” to understand that this is not a common problem, but a trick puzzle. It was all because the daughter who had not included a rabbit was still explaining the problem outside.

In fact, Math is a relatively flexible subject and applies a lot in practice. The teacher does not expect her students to rote learning, only knows how to calculate according to the process from A to Z. She wants to develop skills, read the lesson carefully so that students know that when applying in reality, her mind is in thinking need more than that.

And you, you think that the Math quiz with grade 2 students is reasonable.

Theme There are 4 houses each has 4 rabbits How many children are there in total is answer 16 wrong | Khám phá

The rabbit explaining the problem turned out to be the crux of the puzzle.

(Source: Sina)

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