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The year 2020 will mark the transformation and strong progress of the entire Ecoworld

2019 – The year of birth & marked the transformation of Ecoworld Corporation

2019 is an important milestone that formed the first bricks of Ecoworld Multinational Corporation.

In the early days of establishing the Group with a small staff of just over 10 members, after nearly 1 year of construction and continuous development, the number of employees has increased by 10 times, an impressive number of delivery speed. Human resource development for a startup corporation.

Defining goals and giving clear vision and strategy, Ecoworld constantly strives to build, introduce, launch a series of successful projects and products such as Eco Token, EcoShare, EcoChain, EcoPoint, Mr. Eco … works in an ecosystem. These projects and products constantly receive the attention, trust, support and companionship of customers, partners and investors.

Within just 10 months, Ecoworld Corporation has continuously affirmed its multinational position through investing in large-scale international events to launch community-connected businesses based on Blockchain technology. . These include major events such as:

September 30, 2019 in Dubai – Launching the EcoShare project. This is the foundation for Ecoworld Group to connect with partners and investors in Dubai – one of the world’s largest developing economies and other surrounding areas of this potential city.

On November 29, 2019, in Korea, Ecoworld organized the event, opened up new investment opportunities and developed EcoShare project in the fourth largest economy in Asia. Ecoworld brings an overview of Blockchain One Touch – BOT technology platform. This is an innovative solution to the application of Blockchain technology in real time (Real Time), used for payment applications, contact and information communication with one touch via digital devices.

The year 2020 will mark the transformation and strong progress of the entire Ecoworld | Technology iced tea

BOT – Blockchain One Touch Events in Korea

2020 – A year of breaking out and reaching the world with ambition to become a unicorn startup in Asia

Desiring to be closer to the ambition to become a multi-billion dollar enterprise, Ecoworld Corporation has forced itself to grow “fast” with breakthrough products and services, large market size, and capital raising. Efficient and constantly expanding ecosystem. To do that, Ecoworld needs to prioritize building and sticking to the mission, the core values ​​of its operations and corporate culture. This is something that is often overlooked in the early stages of establishment, but for Ecoworld it is different, knowing the role of creating the foundation for the company when entering the stage of large-scale growth, so we have been following and going according to a set schedule.

2020 is the first year to start the Ecoworld Group’s growth roadmap in the period of 2020 – 2025 with the goal of focusing on attracting talents, creating sustainable values ​​for the community, establishing 15 offices. Representatives throughout countries in Asia. In addition, Ecoworld also aims to create sustainable links in each country that we set foot in.

The year 2020 will mark the transformation and strong progress of the entire Ecoworld | Technology iced tea

Ecoworld Group’s development roadmap

Opening the new year is a special and extremely important event that Ecoworld will hold in Singapore on January 13, 2020. At Ecoworld will officially introduce the first two global one-touch shopping applications on the Blockchain platform: EcoTouch and EcoGo to leading experts, investors, individuals and businesses interested in. Real Estate, Technology, Finance, Media and Retail – Services.

The year 2020 will mark the transformation and strong progress of the entire Ecoworld | Technology iced tea

The Life One Touch event in Singapore

EcoGo – free ecosystem application for businesses. EcoTouch – global one-touch shopping app with absolute security

After the event held at SUNTEC SINGAPORE – CONVENTION & EXHIBITION CENTER, Ecoworld Group continued to develop and launch other projects to improve the ecosystem. As expected, on June 29, 2020 the next event will take place in Hong Kong and November 29, 2020 will be Singapore.

ECOWORLD – Breaking limits – Breaking the limits

2020 promises to be a year of economic – finance – society with many positive changes open for businesses to break out, pioneer and lead in many new fields, especially 4.0 technology. And at Ecoworld Group, we believe that we will accomplish our goals, bring the most advanced and modern technology applications closer to the community, elevating life to a Green – Clean – living space. Modern in the smart city Ecoworld City in 2023.

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