The worst trick in the life of an actor: Acting in a heavy horror movie that you think is a family movie, only a decade later will break the truth

The Shining, a film based on the novel of the same name by renowned writer Stephen King, has always been considered one of the best horror works of all time, ranked 55th in the TOP 250 list of Internet Movie. Database. No need for too many horrifying images, no abuse of jumpscare factor, what makes this movie become scary and extremely obsessive thanks to the complex psychological factors in each character.

Scary is that, and yet there is an actor in the film crew The Shining I didn’t know that I was in a super horror project, thinking it was a family friendly movie. That is Danny Lloyd, who has participated in a number of projects such as Will: G. Gordon Liddy, Terror in the Aisles or a small cameo in Doctor Sleep.

Danny Lloyd joined The Shining as a 6-year-old boy, and the comedic tragedy came from here.

It is known that when filming this movie, Danny was just a 6 year old boy (ie about 41 years ago). He plays the character of the same name, the son of the main character Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) and the family to take over a bizarre hotel. And that’s all he knows: A seemingly ordinary movie, nothing special, listening to the description is true that it takes the family theme, it can’t go anywhere.

Unfortunately, after filming, the crew had Danny revisit the whole scene, but cut off all horror elements (probably because it is not suitable for children). And so our actor is even more sure that he is participating in a boring project, nothing impressive, so he did not even watch the premiere. He didn’t even know what the amount of salaries he received, and didn’t seem to care much, let his parents manage them all.

Many years later, while busy surfing the web, Danny (now a teen) suddenly came across a movie with a thumbnail of his face. He himself has never followed the complete version of The Shining, So he decided to always plow everything to see how he was doing in the past.

When nearly half of the film went by, Danny was startled to realize that there was something wrong with it, this is a heavy-duty horror film, not as friendly as he thought. For example, the two English girls that Danny used to have lunch with and play with on the screen turned out to be two horribly dead ghosts, and were looking for ways to hunt down his character’s soul. And that’s not the most severe scene, but I won’t mention the details, avoiding spoils for interested readers who want to give this piece a try.

The worst trick in the life of an actor Acting in a heavy horror movie that you think is a family movie only a decade later will break the truth | Live

It took decades for Danny to realize that the project he was in was one of the most haunting horror movies of all time.

Of course we can understand why the crew The Shining did the same to Danny, because he was still too young then. Not to mention there are many cases of professional actors heavily affected psychologically after participating in horror projects, let alone a 6-year-old boy.

However, there are many other horror movies that the entire cast, from small to large, are forced to understand the script, understand the plot to be able to complete the scene perfectly. For example in Silent HillJodelle Ferland (as Alessa) said: “My mother and I knew exactly what this movie was about. It is attached to my growth process, and does not affect me negatively. I know all those horror elements are fake, it’s just a trick. If anything bothers me during filming, my mother will probably stop me right away. But I find it extremely interesting, not scary“.

In the case of Danny, we do not know we should let this guy happy because he has been filmed by a crew The Shining especially interested in his young soul; or drop haha ​​because I don’t know what I’m doing in movies, I’ve been cheated for decades.

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