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The world-famous Youtuber reaction when measuring the Internet speed in Vietnam: Faster than Germany, Italy!

Possessing 1.62 million subscribers, Harald Baldr is one of YouTubers famous for its particularly attractive travel videos around the world. In October 2019, this Norwegian Youtuber came to Vietnam to perform Vlog. Here, Harald Baldr had the opportunity to visit and experience the capital Hanoi, and at the same time made a trip to the northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam.

Notably, when stopping at a motel in Yen Bai city, Harald Baldr was impressed with the Internet speed in remote areas in Vietnam. Specifically, when using the SpeedTest tool to measure the Internet packet speed equipped at the motel, the Norwegian Youtuber achieved a download speed of 47 Mbps, while the upload speed reached 74 Mbps.

Harald Baldr then immediately asserted that the aforementioned download speed was “40 times faster than Germany, and 80 times faster than Italy” (!).

YouTuber Harald Baldr gives many compliments for the speed of Internet access in Vietnam (Screenshot)

Below the video posted by Harald Baldr on Youtube, some foreign netizens also devote many words to Vietnam’s Internet speed.

I live in Germany. One day I will go there (Vietnam) just because of the internet speed“, user M4A1Speedstar said. According to this user, the speed of Internet access in rural areas of Germany much slower than the speed of Internet in major cities.

“In Germany, my download speed is 11 Mbps and the upload speed is about 1.5 Mbps. And I live in a pretty big city, using the best Internet package possible here.“, msi user commented

The internet speed in rural Vietnam is staggering. It’s no surprise that their digital economy is booming“commented by StatD users.

Of course, you can consider the compliments of YouTuber Harald Baldr somewhat … social, when the average Internet speed in Vietnam is still in the world average.

The world famous Youtuber reaction when measuring the Internet speed in Vietnam Faster than Germany Italy | ICT News

Internet access speed of Vietnam is still lower than the average speed of the world

According to Ookla, the company that owns the Speedtest measuring tool, the broadband Internet network in Vietnam achieved an average speed of 56.83 Mbps in October 2020, lower than the average download speed of the world (85, 73 Mb / s).

However, compared to other countries in the world, the cost of using the Internet in Vietnam is especially cheap. According to data published in July 2020 by, a company that compares internet, television and mobile services based in the UK, Vietnam is among the 10 countries with mobile internet prices. cheapest in the world.

Specifically, if calculated according to the average mobile Internet access rate for 1 GB of data, Vietnam is one of the countries with the lowest average mobile internet price for 1 GB, ranked 10th with 0.57 USD. Meanwhile, in some countries with large economies, the average price for 1 GB mobile Internet access in these countries is many times more expensive than Vietnam, for example, the US (8 USD – 138th place world), Germany (USD 4.06 – 109th), Japan (USD 3.91 – 108th).

* Watch the video YouTuber Harald Baldr surprised with the speed of Internet access in Vietnam:

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