The Witcher: Use more than 1 horse but why does Geralt always call them Roach?

Immediately after airing at the end of 2019, The Witcher has quickly become a global phenomenon, continuously setting many unprecedented records and is currently one of Netflix’s most anticipated series. Although it caused a bit of confusion when exploiting up to 3 timelines at the same time, but overall the first season of The Witcher gave the audience the most basic information they need to know about this fantasy universe. .

In it, the focus of attention is focused on Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), the talented witcher and protagonist throughout the series. Compared to the original, Netflix’s Geralt is built with a quieter image, less talkative and also less friends. Especially in the first episodes, he appears to be a loner, wandering across the Continent working on monster contracts and making money to survive. He himself has no intention of making friends, and just a strong horse as his loyal companion, is enough.

In the early episodes of The Witcher, the horse Roach was almost the only friend of the hunter Geralt.

However, if you don’t already know, Geralt is a witcher in the age of 100 by the time of his small screen appearance. And with only 8 short episodes in season 1, the witcher universe has gone through another half century (1210 – 1263). Meanwhile, the life expectancy of the horse is only about 25 – 30 years only. Therefore, in order to continue his journey, Geralt will have to continuously change horses after a certain amount of time. Only thing, no matter what kind of horse, he will name it Roach, making the audience think that he only has a single “immortal” companion throughout the series.

This is not specified in the film, but was explained by the writer Andrzej Sapkowski in the novel The Witcher. As a hunter who has gone through two mutations of his body to strengthen himself, Geralt has been shunned by Continental society, and even considered him as dangerous as other ferocious monsters. This makes him do not have many friends, you are human even more rare. Everything just started to change thanks to Jaskier’s sweet ballads – works that have gradually given people a more sympathetic look to Geralt in particular and the witcher in general.

In such circumstances, Geralt can only put full faith in the horses that accompany him in all monster hunting missions. He named all of them Roach, as a way of maintaining loyalty and consistency in life, especially since he has lived for more than a century and “all names are starting to look the same” – as he shared in episode 3 season 1. Henry Cavill himself, a stubborn fan of the witcher universe, once said: “A Roach is a lot more than just an ordinary horse. It embodies the true self of Geralt, as he always gives this name to all of his horses. It also shows a trait in the “people” section of Geralt“.

The Witcher Use more than 1 horse but why does Geralt always call them Roach | Live

Roach serves as a symbol of Geralt’s loyalty and consistency in life.

In the novels, Geralt often does not show much of his love for Roach. For example, in Baptism of Fire, when he bought a new horse, he gave a lot of thought to naming before deciding to be loyal to “Roach.” stubborn, repeatedly threatened to replace it with a monkey.However, when the group’s horses were stolen, he was extremely worried, and after finding them again, he immediately checked to see them. Make sure Roach is fine.

There was once a character who commented on Geralt as a “hot and cold” person, and not often expressing his true feelings to Roach: “He (Geralt) will never give up his horse, nor will he trade it for anything else, though on the surface he is often nagged on it. He is not the type to be willing to leave his friendsUnfortunately, however, this Roach was killed in the ending of Baptism of Fire.

As for the meaning of the name Roach, many fans mistakenly think it comes from the phrase “cockroach” – the cockroach, though not very related. In the Polish version, Roach is called Plotka, another spelling of the word “ploc”, which has a more friendly and informal connotation (similar to the English phrase “Roachy”). care about naming, but “Roach” can be seen as a symbol of the feelings he has for his horses. They may be very ordinary, nothing special, but Geralt has always been interested in them even though it is not often shown out.

The Witcher Use more than 1 horse but why does Geralt always call them Roach | Live

In the television version, Geralt appears to be much closer and more friendly with his horses.

An interesting detail is that although the Roach is usually a mare, on the small screen it is “played” by a horse named Zeus – once many appearances on Henry Cavill’s personal Instagram. The Netflix team said to stick to the original, they had to use software to remove Zeus’s “secret” in post-production, and turn it into a mare on the small screen.

After two times of delay due to the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, The Witcher recently resumed filming in the hope of being able to release the second season by the end of 2021. The first 8 episodes of this series wear Although it is very excellent, it is just the premise to help the audience have the most basic information about the witcher universe. The upcoming season, exploiting the content primarily from the book Blood of Elves, will begin to take us into the official storyline of Monster Hunter.

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