The Witcher: Actress Anya Chalotra ‘sitting still without pain’ because of Yennefer’s original appearance

Immediately after airing at the end of 2019, The Witcher quickly created a television fever in many countries around the world, thereby becoming one of the most popular works that Netflix has ever produced. In addition to some unreasonable details in the casting process as well as the somewhat chaotic storyline because the 3 timeline flows parallel together, in general The Witcher did very well when successfully adapted from the famous novel. of the same name by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

In particular, the most prominent is probably the main cast, who have made a great contribution to bringing Sapkowski’s fictional series of characters to the small screen in the most realistic and vivid way. There has been a lot of praise for Henry Cavill, who excelled as witcher Geralt as stepping from the novel and becoming the biggest highlight during the first eight episodes of season 1. However, to create So 1 The Witcher is so successful, not to mention the beautiful but thorny Yennefer played by Anya Chalotra – who has never come into contact with the Monster Hunter universe before but can still easily conquer. audience thanks to their outstanding talent.

Anya Chalotra has excelled at Yennefer’s 2 different personalities, before and after she became one of the most powerful mages in The Witcher.

Unlike Geralt, Yennefer is a highly skilled mage, often using magic instead of rolling around on the battlefield with swords or any other weapon. This means that Anya Chalotra does not have to do many risky action scenes like her co-star, thereby minimizing the possibility of unnecessary injuries. However, avoiding melon peels to meet coconut shells, the actress just needs to sit and feel … back pain because of Yennefer’s character shape.

One of The Witcher’s biggest changes from the original is that they dig deeper into the story of Yennefer before she became a powerful mage. In episode 2 of season 1, we met 1 Yennefer had a lot of physical problems, with a crooked spine, hunchbacked back and a skewed jaw. This caused her to be estranged by her adoptive father and eventually sold her to Tissaia de Vries for 4 marks.

To be able to recreate the image of such a pitiful Yennefer, Chalotra had to use a lot of artificial prostheses, while also adding a large block on his back to create a hunchback. This in the long run has more or less had a very negative effect on the actress’s body, especially when she has to maintain such an unnatural figure for many hours of continuous shooting. Sharing with Metro, Chalotra said that Yennefer’s shape really caused her back pain, after each shooting session, she had to go to massage immediately to bear it.

The Witcher Actress Anya Chalotra sitting still without pain because of Yennefer s original appearance | Live

Yennefer’s hunchbacked and crooked spine shaping makes Chalotra constantly suffer from back pain after each recording session.

On the other hand, The Witcher production team is always looking for ways to make their cast as comfortable as possible during the shooting process, especially the case of Anya Chalotra. However, due to tight deadlines, they often have to make quick decisions and very little time to revise, including Yennefer’s shaping options. It was painful, but Chalotra said she always respected and felt satisfied with the decision of the crew.

Thankfully, the time Yennefer endured with his deformed body didn’t really last long on the small screen. Even in episode 3 of season 1, she accepted to use magic to undergo a painful great transformation to become more beautiful and in exchange for her fertility. This is also the reason that in the following episodes, she finds all kinds of money (by forbidden magic) to research and buy herbs to help herself have children again. The magician even risked her participation in the golden dragon hunt for this only purpose, though no one was sure if it really worked.

Like Geralt, Yennefer is a tough challenge for any actor, especially since the witcher already has a relatively large fanbase thanks to the success of CD Projekt RED’s novel and series of games. This became even more difficult when Netflix decided to dig deeper into the mage’s past and choose a pose that was not comfortable at all.

However, after all, Anya Chalotra still completed her duties well, even left a lot of good impressions that were not inferior to her co-star Henry Cavill. Particularly in the final episode of season 1, she took the spotlight when she burned the mighty army of Nilfgaard alone in the fierce battle that took place on Sodden Hill.

The Witcher Actress Anya Chalotra sitting still without pain because of Yennefer s original appearance | Live

Yennefer has traded her fertility for being prettier, but she never ceases to dwell on this decision.

And the most fortunate is that Yennefer’s original appearance did not leave too heavy consequences for the health of this talented actress. In season 2, and the seasons that follow, if Netflix does not use flashback footage, there is a high chance that we will never see Yennefer with a humpback and crooked spine like before. .

Present, The Witcher is temporarily suspending shooting for the second time after 4 members of the crew were positive for Covid-19.. Netflix claims it will only restart this project when the entire production team is healthy and the studio is kept safe. This means that it is unlikely that Season 2 of the Monster Hunter will air in 2021 as originally planned.

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