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The VivoBook A415 / A515 journey becomes “a technological treasure” of young people

Asus: a hallmark of the pioneer to bring “genuine” equipment to laptops for young people

To create the premise for making the Vivobook A415 / A515 duo attractive today, ASUS decided to “play big” when pioneering in bringing in many valuable equipment from generations of products a few years ago. Typically, from 2017 onwards, Asus started installing Windows copyright on all laptops in order to bring the most convenience and safety for users.

Choosing to buy and use a Asus laptop with a copyrighted operating system helps young people eliminate the burden of having to install and use pirated versions with many security risks, even affecting performance. In addition to the benefits of owning technology products that are constantly updated with patches and software upgrades, ASUS also brings a sense of confidence to use and contributes to creating civilized consumer habits for Gen Z generation, Millennials in Vietnam.

Following the momentum of success, in 2019 Asus stirred the market by solving the speed problem on “national” laptop models such as the Vivobook series. There is no “separate plot” for high-end products, the company has brought high-capacity PCIe SSD up to 512GB into the mainstream segment to not only provide a superior fast-use experience, but also fully satisfied. storage needs of movies, music, game store of many young people.

The VivoBook A415 A515 journey becomes a technological treasure of young people | Digital toys

For technology believers, PCIe SSD hard drives are always a desirable equipment when bringing the highest read and write speeds today, but the high cost factor makes them often appear only in high-end laptops. When no big name dares to “popularize” this equipment, Asus has once again pioneered, thereby helping young users with their laptops to save significantly time in turning on / off the device. , load large data in professional applications / games. It is really an impressive experience, changing the user’s perception of the laptop for the masses like the Vivobook series.

2020: when Ultrabooks like Vivobook A415 / A515 can fight AAA games

As the next big surprise for young people, Asus marks a new milestone in processing performance on the flagship Vivobook A415 / A515 by equipping the latest 11th generation Core i processors from Intel. Outstanding by advanced 10nm manufacturing process, the all-new Intel Iris XE graphics processor gives a whole new look to the power of thin and light laptops.

The VivoBook A415 A515 journey becomes a technological treasure of young people | Digital toys

The ASUS VivoBook duo stands out, more attractive than other laptops in the same segment, not only in the trendy minimalist design, but also through the 11th generation Intel Core i processor. TDP level of 28W. With a TDP level higher than the 15W figure commonly seen in other products, the “brain” inside the Vivobook A415 / A515 easily displays a staggering level of performance when it is up to 40% higher than its predecessor. and 20% more than a competitor with the same equipment.

Besides the CPU, Intel Iris XE GPU is also a factor to help the Vivobook series in 2020 shine. As a completely new graphics core with TDP pushed up to 28W, Asus laptops show the power “is not a medium” when it is able to fight many AAA titles like The Witcher 3, GTA V at resolution. Full HD resolution smoothly. No need to spend a lot of money on a heavy gaming machine, now fashionable ultrabooks like the Vivobook A415 / A515 are enough for young people to relax after hours of stressful study and work.

The VivoBook A415 A515 journey becomes a technological treasure of young people | Digital toys

Asus’ new Vivobook laptop duo fully converges the company’s achievements in recent years such as Windows 10 license, large capacity PCIe SSD hard drive and latest 11 generation Intel Core i CPU. When its stylish, thin and light appearance and impressive processing power have created a “true” choice for all Gen Z, Millennials for laptops for the needs of learning, creative work to entertainment. “quality like the earth”.

From understanding and capturing the needs of young people, Asus over the years is gradually realizing the desire for a multi-function laptop that the Vivobook A415 / A515 is the best proof. With all “genuine” equipment, this new laptop couple promises to be “a technological treasure” for the discerning young people in the future.

VivoBook 14/15 is the pioneer product line equipped with Intel Core I 11th generation with outstanding advantages in performance 40% heavier, durable battery life at settings up to 28W TDP.

With the new generation of Iris X integrated graphics, Intel is committed to fully playing AAA games at Full HD resolution on thin and light laptops, not only with the most powerful performance. In its price range, VivoBook A415 / A515 also offers the best user experience with PCIe SSD storage up to 512GB, WiFi 6 connectivity, Harman Kardon audio, fingerprint security sensor and floating point improvement. The most prominent is the screen using an IPS panel providing a wide viewing angle of up to 178 degrees, making sharing content with friends easier and more enjoyable than ever. See more at:

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