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The US Army tested the concept of ‘companion robot’ from the game Metal Gear Solid

Apparently inspired by the game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots by Kojima, the US military has just put a system to test “companion robot“: Like Snake’s robot in MSG4, this system will allow soldiers to spy on potential dangers lurking in a remote corner their robot is aiming for.

In the video game, technologist Otacon showed Snake a Metal Gear Mk. II – a droid the size of a beer bottle, traveling on two wheels, capable of broadcasting video and important field information about Snake’s eye-patch device. Otacon describes this friendly robot companion as “a remote controlled mobile station designed to aid in combat“, and although Snake was initially annoyed with it, he quickly realized how handy these complementary” eyes “were.

Snake and Metal Gear Mk. II

In the real world, the US military research lab is testing the same thing. They call the concept “companion robot“mine is” squad Human-robot warfare first in which the robot detects physical changes in a 3D environment and shares information with humans in real time through augmented reality“.

We are not sure of the technologies hidden within the Metal Gear Mk. II, but its real-life copy is depicted as a “Mobile field robots“, using a LIDAR laser sensor to” build an environmental model “to deliver to”human companion “. Sadly, this person is not equipped with a cool eye patch like Snake, but only uses a pair of AR glasses that display what the reconnaissance robot sees through an augmented reality interface in real time.

The US Army tested the concept of companion robot from the game Metal Gear Solid | Digital toys

Companion robot is being tested by the US military

This real droid works like that of Snake. “Robots can notify soldiers of changes in the environment that could be ignored or not perceived by soldiers, giving them better situational awareness and avoiding potential obstacles. of the enemy“- Dr. Christopher Reardon, a researcher at the US Army Research Laboratory at the US Military Operations Command, said.” It can detect anything, from Enemy soldiers in camouflage costumes to the IEDs “.

During the experiment, the important thing the researchers wanted to test was whether the information the robot sent was easy to read and useful to the operator – and the U.S. military revealed promising early results. appointment. “Much of the engineering project aimed at providing humans with mixed reality interfaces does not include the idea of ​​collaborating with autonomous mobile robots.“- Reardon said. But the experiment showed that, in real-world contexts, people in the field were able to see and evaluate shared information, and that information was reliable and detailed enough. so that they can make tactical decisions. ”

The US Army tested the concept of companion robot from the game Metal Gear Solid | Digital toys

Two robot models tested, identical, except for the LIDAR sensor type

Currently, the robot companion system is still in the research stage. But the US military believes its research will lay the foundations for integrating other advanced equipment – “future soldier’s mixed reality interfaces such as the Army’s Integrated Vision Enhancement System glasses, or IVAS“.

By refining and refining the robot’s AR capabilities to identify threats, as well as giving human associates the ability to choose how robots respond, the U.S. Army says it will use research. This underpins a technology-based partnership on the battlefield that will one day come to fruition – even as the battle to choose the best robot companion is decided with the win. about … Metal Gear Mk. II!

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