The unprecedented American wildfires are spreading so badly that the sky turns a bloody red

Whenever dawn or dusk falls, the sky can turn a gentle red, creating a sense of peace. It is quite easy to see with people who often dream.

However, videos and images shared on social media over the past few days show a different reality happening in America. The sky was no longer gentle red, but crimson, like the color of blood.

In viral images and videos, the sky in America (like California and Oregon) seemed to be on fire, turning a deep red tone. The reason is attributed to the forest fire is booming and continues to spread in the western parts of the country. Notably, many images were recorded long before sunset, meaning that at a time when the sky was originally blue, sun-drenched.

Why does the sky turn red?

Although the cause of the incident was forest fire, it did not mean that the red color was the work of fire. It is caused by a phenomenon known as “Rayleigh scattering”, caused by smoke molecules from the fire.

Rayleigh scattering tells us why the sky turns blue during the day, then turns red and pink at dawn or at dusk. This is because the visible light is made of different wavelengths. And as white light from the Sun passes through gas molecules in the atmosphere, the wavelengths break apart and be scattered, creating different colors in the human eye.

During the daytime, sunlight is scattered and left green. At dusk or dawn, the sun gets lower, causing light to travel longer distances through the atmosphere. It allows more light to scatter, making the sky red.

In the case of the mid-day red sky in the US, the polluted particles from smoke, dust and especially smoke from the fire cause the light to be scattered even more strongly, leaving a haunting color. .

According to the CNN Currently, there are 40 major fires happening in California, Oregon and Washington. Due to the extremely hot weather and strong winds, the fires were spreading.

The local government had to evacuate thousands of people, and it is estimated that nearly 1,000 square kilometers of land in Oregon alone have been burned down. State Governor Kate Brown said she has witnessed many major wildfires since taking office (as it happens annually), but this year the scale is beyond imagination.

Brown said the fire was “unprecedented in a generation”, and said the situation was extremely difficult and dangerous. To the point that even firefighters are forced to evacuate.

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