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The unique invention only in Japan

Japan has long been famous as a “cradle” for many inventions around the world. Many inventions are really applicable but there are countless products that look weird. However, there are inventions in the middle, which are not universal in the world but still popular with many Japanese (and other countries).

So, let’s take a look, which of Japan’s unique inventions, though rather exotic, are still widely used in the land of the rising sun.

Swivel chair on board

In Japan, the design of swivel chairs on board is present in many trains. The installation of swivel seats helps passengers get down unobstructed and can walk comfortably with the middle of the road. The seats on the Shinkansen bullet train can also be swiveled, suitable for groups of 4-6 people who want to be able to sit across from each other to talk freely. The technology is not only limited to ships but also applied to some stadiums such as Sapporo Stadium, Hokkaido.

Baby seat in the bathroom

The unique invention only in Japan | Khám phá

This is a fairly common device in many Japanese public toilets. You can find it from the pier to the mall, even in the men’s washroom. This device is one of the highest rated baby products in Japan.

Coffee for lonely people

If you are lonely, come to Japan, there will always be cafes and restaurants for people like you. Coffee moomin is an example; You will be sitting with a teddy bear throughout the coffee. In addition, you can also go to the restaurant with cats or rabbits to be able to play with them. This is considered a good measure to reduce the loneliness of young Japanese.

The unique invention only in Japan | Khám phá

Sunglasses for dogs

This invention may sound a bit strange, but apparently like humans, dogs do not like the sun is too bright. The Japanese realized this and used sunglasses to wear on the dogs. In addition, it is also a dog fashion accessory in Japan when many people think that the number of children in this country is less than the number of pets.

The unique invention only in Japan | Khám phá

Karaoke microphone completely “quiet”

This special device was invented by Mr. Masanori Kurayama. He said that he likes to sing but is very bad at singing so this will be a way for him to practice singing freely without embarrassment. In addition, it also helps you when you want to practice singing in the middle of the night, watching three birds crow without having to worry about affecting or making noise to others.

The unique invention only in Japan | Khám phá

Bathroom slippers

You will find bathroom slippers at every home of Japanese people. The Japanese believe that even though the bathroom is very clean, it is still the dirtiest place in the house. Therefore, they cannot go to the bathroom with the slippers they used to walk around the house. In addition, wearing slippers to the bathroom will also cause dirt in the bathroom, which will take you time to clean. The bathroom slippers are also designed to be anti-slip.

The unique invention only in Japan | Khám phá

Pillows against chest

When you’re lying on your laptop in a tummy position, the likelihood of fatigue is very high and it is difficult to maintain that position for long. Therefore, the anti-chest pillow was born, helping users to be supported during use. You can find this product even on Ebay. However, its asking price is not cheap, about 3 million.

The unique invention only in Japan | Khám phá

Washbasin combined with a toilet

In Japan, many toilets are connected to a hand sink. This is an application that saves water; After washing your hands, the water will be stored in the toilet’s water tank and be reused when using the toilet.

The unique invention only in Japan | Khám phá

Shop no seller

Japan is one of the only countries in the world to introduce non-sellers. The buyer will simply select the product and then pay with the machine. Such stores are usually open 24/24, saving manpower and convenience for shoppers. However, many controversies surrounding the security of such stores are also raised.

The unique invention only in Japan | Khám phá

Dinosaur robot makes hotel reception

In 2015, a hotel called “Weird Hotel” (weird hotel) was opened in Sasebo city, Japan. Hideo Sawada, who runs the hotel in a theme park, said it was a fun way to attract visitors. In particular, the hotel uses a lot of robots to replace people with the job of reception, cleaning, arranging for passengers …

The unique invention only in Japan | Khám phá

Food wrapping paper shaped like a human face

This product has been put into use by the famous Freshness Burger restaurant chain in Japan with the hope that the girls can be completely comfortable to eat, without losing the image in front of a friend to eat with. When eating, this wrapping paper will cover the entire face, with a smiley face.

The unique invention only in Japan | Khám phá


If you go to places of interest or buildings where it rains, you certainly will not want to bring your wet umbrella inside for fear of dirtying the floor. However, it is not possible to stay outside as it may be lost.

Therefore, people have come up with a solution by installing umbrellas, where you can lock your umbrellas out of the door safely and comfortably at work or outing. You can find this device in many places in Japan but especially museums like Tokyo National Museum.

The unique invention only in Japan | Khám phá

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