The unique and strange masks in the world

Masks change color with temperature

Not only for protection purposes, a company in Spain also created a mask that acts as a warning. These masks can change color when the wearer’s body temperature exceeds the average threshold of 37.5 degrees Celsius.

Applying smart materials technology to automatically change color when exposed to high temperatures, Colorprint Fashion has used this fabric to create masks that change color according to body temperature. Specifically, when the wearer’s body temperature exceeds the average threshold of 37.5 degrees C, the mask will automatically change color from blue to white gray.

Colorprint Fashion masks. Photo: The Olive Press

Besides masks, this company also develops products such as stickers, bracelets with similar functions, which help warn users and people around them about the risk of fever, one of the symptoms of Covid-19.

Self-cooling masks in Japan

In the midst of unusually hot weather, wearing a mask frequently when going out causes an unpleasant sense of urgency. However, medical experts warn that high temperatures also mean an increased health risk due to heat, especially when wearing a mask. Foreseeing this trend, sportswear brand Descente launched a mask containing cool packs.

Descente representatives said the company not only encourages sportsmen but also people who work outdoors to use its masks. The company has sold more than 1,000 products since the launch of these masks in early August.

The unique and strange masks in the world | Live

Descente mask. Photo: Reuters

It is not clear whether masks equipped with “cooling accessories” are effective against SARS-CoV-2 viruses, but at least these products make Japanese people not feel “difficult to stay at. “When I have to regularly wear a mask in hot weather.

The most expensive mask in the world

A unique “super product” masks unique by the famous Israeli designer Isaac Levy hand designed by himself is considered the most expensive in the world. The 18 karat white gold mask decorated with 3,600 black and white diamonds was an order from a Chinese businessman.

This expensive mask costs up to $ 1.5 million. The mask will also be equipped with a top-notch N99 fine dust and bacteria filter upon request. Masks have become one of the must-have items in public spaces in most countries around the world.

The unique and strange masks in the world | Live

The pictures of the most expensive masks in the world. Photo: ABC

However, this most expensive mask in the world weighs 270 grams, nearly 100 times heavier than conventional medical masks. The designer ensures its owner will attract everyone if wearing this luxury mask on the street.

“Masked noodle bowl”

If you are a culinary fan, you will definitely love the “delicious” mask with a bowl of Ramen. That is the idea of ​​artist Takahiro Shibata, Japan to help wear masks no longer boring and monotonous.

In particular, this noodle bowl design helps those who wear glasses to avoid blurred vision due to their breath. As soon as Mr. Takahiro shared his “bowl of noodles” on social networks, immediately attracted the attention of the online community, many people showed interest in this creation.

The unique and strange masks in the world | Live

Mask with a bowl of Ramen noodles. Photo: Twitter

Takahiro Shibata is known to be a designer with many unique and exotic products. He also sells his works for sale, however, for this mask he has no intention of doing business.

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