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The truth about Free Fire: legendary on Google Play, players are awarded up to 1 million VND?

Indisputable superiority

According to a report from App Amie, Free Fire has the highest number of downloads globally across both Android and iOS devices. Currently, the game has surpassed 500 million downloads on Google Play.

If the moblie versions of Fortnite, PUBG, CoD … games all require high configuration, Free Fire in contrast, does not need complicated configuration, is suitable for most smart mobile devices. In addition, the control system in the game is simple, suitable for all ages. This is probably the decisive factor, the leverage for the throne of this survival mobile game.

Free Fire always holds a stable position in the ranking of the hottest apps and games of Google Play.

As a result, Free Fire has a foothold in the esports market. In 2019, the Free Fire World Cup and Free Fire World Series tournaments helped Free Fire surpass PUBG Mobile, becoming the largest survival mobile game with the largest number of professional tournament followers.

The truth about Free Fire legendary on Google Play players are awarded up to 1 million VND | Mobile & Social

The total award amounted to VND 8.8 billion, exceeding 2 million views, Free Fire World Series 2019, causing fever worldwide.

Not stopping there, Free Fire is always in the top 5 games with the largest number of views on Youtube. The ecosystem of “bloody face” streamer that Free Fire owns is an important factor promoting the sustainable development of this empire.

The truth about Free Fire legendary on Google Play players are awarded up to 1 million VND | Mobile & Social

The attractive activities of Free Fire streamer attracts the attention of gamers (Image:

With clear evidences for the irresistible attraction, just adding a perfect development path, Free Fire is a sustainable game with the title “Legend of Google Play Charts”.

Players receive up to 1 million VND?

Recently, there has been a lot of information circulating on social networks that by simply joining Free Fire, players can receive up to 1 million VND and many other great gifts. Therefore, many people believe that this is the game publisher’s move to “seduce” players, so that a large number of participants can be earned.

However, the above information is not completely accurate. Free Fire players have the opportunity to receive 1 million VND not from game publishers but by participating in the event “Google Play Payment via VTC Pay – Get thousands of huge gifts”. At the same time, the above event is not only for Free Fire players, but also for all Androi – Google Play users.

The truth about Free Fire legendary on Google Play players are awarded up to 1 million VND | Mobile & Social

Through that, just successfully transacting at least 01 transaction (from 50,000 VND or more) on Google Play, Android users can receive gifts up to 1 million VND. Transact the more gifts you receive.

Clearing the above doubts, we can fully believe that the famous appeal of the Free Fire game is exactly as rumored.

* Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google LLC

Event “Google Play payment via VTC Pay – receive thousands of great gifts immediately “with the warehouse Prizes up to 1 billion will last until the end September 30, 2020. Through that, those Participants will have the opportunity to receive gifts Super attractive includes: the opportunity for a refund to come 1,000,000 VND, Tinder Gold voucher, voucher Tinder Plus, Phuc Long voucher, Highlands Coffee plus exclusive gifts fellow gamers: giftcode game, hidden items, rare.

Note : The event is only for customers to use Android. To pay with VTC Pay Wallet On Google Play, you need to download the VTC Pay Wallet app to register and top up your account.

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