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The trend of choosing a student laptop, office at the end of the year

The laptop market at the end of the year is more and more exciting with a lot of promotions and discounts from retailers, many new products launched to help users have more choices. However, the fact that there are too many products makes users wonder.

Concerns of students and office when choosing to buy a laptop

Reasonable prices

Most students, office users who are not too full of money, always care about the price. In which, the segment from 10 million to less than 20 million is most interested.

Strong – enduring

The next concern is the ability to meet demand for many years:

● Students need a product that is good enough to accompany 4 years of college, even the first few years after graduation.

● For office workers, laptops are associated with most of the work time. They need a durable, powerful laptop to “run deadlines” every 8-12 hours for several consecutive years.

Therefore, users need to anticipate possible tasks besides browsing the web, office software. For example, photo editing, basic video collage, play some games.

Long lasting battery for all day long

Power outlets are not available anywhere in the lecture halls, office workers sometimes need to bring machines to meetings, business trips or meeting customers. So everyone needs a laptop with all-day battery life.

Fashion Designer

After all, design is a factor that students and office workers are especially interested in. Many people also consider laptops as a fashion accessory to carry coffee, go to school, meet friends …

Laptops using AMD CPU are preferred

In recent years, AMD has brought a series of remarkable innovations in technology. AMD processors are increasingly being favored by laptop manufacturers for their products. In the Vietnamese market, many major computer manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, and Lenovo … have introduced the office laptop products using AMD CPU which are selected by students and office workers. thanks to possessing a series of advantages:

● High performance compared to cost

● Powerful integrated graphics, even playing well many eSport games

● Energy-efficient CPU for long battery life

● Diversity of designs, designs, suitable for many different users

Some notable names such as Dell Vostro V3405, HP ProBook 445 G7, Lenovo Flex 5, ASUS VivoBook 14 M413, ASUS VivoBook S14 M433 …

HP ProBook 445 G7 – Robust and durable

Aimed at business customers, the HP ProBook 445 G7 packs incredible durability, a spill-resistant keyboard, and a host of other premium features. But the most special one to mention is the inner strength. The product is equipped with configurations from AMD Ryzen 3 4300U 4-core to Ryzen 7 4700U 8-core. This is AMD’s flagship 7nm CPU series for powerful performance, superb Radeon integrated graphics. Along with the ability to flexibly upgrade RAM, the product is ready for many years to come. ProBook 445 G7 is priced from just over 12 million VND.

Dell Vostro V3405 – Optimized cost

From just over 9 million dong, Dell Vostro V3405 is a more affordable choice for students, office needs optimal cost. Dell Vostro V3405 also owns many flexible configurations from AMD Ryzen 3 to Ryzen 7, the ability to upgrade RAM and hard drive is extremely easy. This helps users to save the initial cost, after a period of use when needed, it can be upgraded later.

The trend of choosing a student laptop office at the end of the year | Digital toys

ASUS VivoBook M413 / M433

This is a pair of products that have won the love of young people thanks to their outstanding appearance, compact size. The product duo also owns configuration options up to AMD Ryzen 7 4700U 8-core, 8GB – 16GB RAM and PCIe SSD up to 1TB up to 1TB. Ready for all current and future tasks.

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 – Powerful and flexible

Equipped with optional AMD Ryzen 5 4500U 6-core or Ryzen 7 4700U 8-core, 8GB RAM and PCIe SSD up to 512GB capacity, IdeaPad Flex 5 easily weighs everything from the office, photo editing, editing edit video and battle many eSport games. A special thing, Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 is a product that owns a touch screen, 360 degrees of rotation, extremely flexible for users to use as a tablet, write and draw quick notes thanks to the touch pen.

The trend of choosing a student laptop office at the end of the year | Digital toys

In addition to the aforementioned laptop models, there are many other AMD CPU-equipped office and gaming laptops that are interested by many young users thanks to their affordable prices and outstanding performance.

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