The top 4 “same father, different from grandfather” brothers in the anime – the number 2 is a name everyone knows

In the universe anime In Japan, each series will be built in a completely different direction in terms of both plot and character drawing. The more they reach the pinnacle of popularity, the more different the direction of each series is required to create a unique feature in the inherently harsh publishing market of this country.

But in a way, sometimes in anime We still have a chance to see a pair of brothers who have the same appearance and personality, although they do not have any blood roots together. Even in the most popular manga in the country of cherry blossoms at a time like One Piece or Fairy Tail, we can still see images of the brothers “with father, different from this grandfather”

Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail) and Rin (Blue exorcist)

Compared to the popularity of Blue Exorcis (Vietnamese title: Lam Hoa Destroy the Devil) is not an outstanding series, so not really many people know the existence of this character Rin Okumura. But for Fairy Tail’s Gray, one of the four pillars of Shounen Japan, it is a completely different story. Gray’s name has emerged as a phenomenon in the time the series has not ended, and many times the character has been ranked among the most popular male anime supporting characters in Japan.

One uses ice, one uses fire, but the same goes for cast

For some reason, Gray and Rin, an ice user and a fire user, have strange similarities in both appearance and personality. Both possessing the same hairstyle, face, physical ability, or even personality, are also somewhat welcoming. Putting it on the table of comparison, it is hard to see who Gray is and who is Rin. Is it possible that the only difference is that the mage of Fairy Tail often prefers the “lack of fabric” Style over his “parallel” brother.

Gildarts (Fairy tail) and Shanks (One Piece)

You may not be aware of the remaining twins mentioned in this article, but in the case of Shanks and Gildart, the couple must have become too popular among anime lovers. Both are the most powerful characters in the two most popular Shounen series in Japanese history, One Piece and Fairy Tail.

The top 4 same father different from grandfather brothers in the anime the number 2 is a name everyone knows | Manga/Film

The hottest couple on social networks

One side is the wandering mage Gildarts, wandering around the Ishgar continent, the other side is the red-haired Shanks – the four emperors who rule the great seas to hold the new world. These two characters are not only the same in terms of hair color, appearance, strength level, but also their cloudy nature about the wind, escaping from any power.

Feitan (Hunter x Hunter) and Levi (Attack Of Titan)

Another pair of twins to the universe Attack Of Titan and Hunter x Hunter: Feitan and Levi. Though the side hairstyle is a bit different, because Levi looks much tidier than Feitan’s long, flowing hair. However, if you compare the facial features, especially the cold eyes when killing enemies, there is almost no difference to distinguish these two swordsmen.

The top 4 same father different from grandfather brothers in the anime the number 2 is a name everyone knows | Manga/Film

Feitan (below) who cuts her hair a bit short looks like Levi (top)

In fact, many other characters in Attack Of Titan have similarities with Hunter x Hunter’s Feitan because of the characteristic cold drawing of this series. You may not know that, but the series about this giant is always in the top 10 of the anime that is hard to remember the character’s face because the characters in the drawing are very uniform in the same style.

Jyu Viole Grace (Tower Of God) and Natch (Black Clover)

And finally, to close this list is the pair that have just been discovered recently, Jyu Viole Grave and Natch. Since appearing in the recent three chapters of Black Clover, the spy character Natch located in the Dark Kingdom Spade has encountered many mixed opinions when his appearance is more than 90% matching. the universe’s god killer Tower Of God.

The top 4 same father different from grandfather brothers in the anime the number 2 is a name everyone knows | Manga/Film

Her appearance was strangely similar

Accordingly, the two not only have similar looks, hairstyles, horns, but even the demon Natch brought with him has many similarities with Hong Sanskrit, a divine-level creature in the set. Tower Of God story. That is not to mention that the power of Natch also has many similarities with the dark power hidden in the body of the assassin Jyu Viole Grace.

Above is a list of four “same father, different grandfather” brothers found in the hit anime / manhwa on social networks. Somehow, the characters from different universes can be calculated the same though not by blood. What do you think about these 4 twins?

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