The times Riot Games took ‘extreme salt’ ideas from Japanese culture to put on skins and League of Legends

Dance of Kayle Angel of Technology

The Angel of Kayle is the Legendary outfit of the Steel Corps universe, portrayed as the mainstay of the Royal Army and worshiped absolute justice. The character’s character is said to be extremely tough, always hot-tempered and willing to kill anyone who she thinks is a criminal. Lines like “You are driving me crazy now” or “All criminals will be tried and executed” make this clear.

However, for some reason, Kayle’s dance animation was taken from a very cheerful melody song “ Night of Fire ” by Hinoi Team. Even the music video of this song is extremely “salty” with the center of the 5-person squad who is a man who has extremely strange costumes.

Aether Wings Kayle (Old and New) – Dance Reference

Super Dance: Yi

If above we see a rather plain-dressed man, in the video below we will go to a dance group with extremely neat costumes with suit suits but dancing in the middle of the street. The dance in the song “Have A NICE DAY” from World Order was exactly put into Riot Games’ outfit by Riot Games: Yi.

PROJECT: Yi Dance – 「HAVE A NICE DAY」 – League of Legends (LoL)

Ezreal dance

Remember the joke of the “Ezreal x Taric” duo? The reason that foreign gamers have assigned this pairing since the first seasons of League of Legends is partly because the duo in the bot lane is quite strong. Moreover, it was discovered that Ezreal’s dance is … the female character in the Hare Hare Yukai anime.

Even as in the video above, Ezreal after remaking the image retains this feminine dance. However, with the popularity of the Star Guardian outfit and the Warrior Academy, where this guy was paired with Lux, people no longer “ship” Ezreal with Taric.

Animated animation of Vi Gang Do Neon

Vi Gloves Neon is the outfit that comes with the launch of Canh Binh Piltover, with the launch for so long we have no information or introduction about this skin. The most special feature of the costume lies in the recall animation when it is very similar to the spectacular appearances of the Franky character in the One Piece anime / manga series.

Neon Strike Vi’s Recall – Franky SUPER! – League of Legends (LoL)

Besides, the character Franky also loves “comedy”, quite similar to General Vi’s character when she often has half-joking half-jokes like “Punch first, then I’ll ask you while punching” , “Stay still! Or no, I don’t care.” It seems that Franky often chants “Super!” When performing this action related to the Vi Gang Degree Neon is also some form of superhero in this skin world exists.

Some other links between League of Legends and Japanese culture

Shyvana’s dance is taken from AKB 48’s MV River

Shyvana Dance Reference – AKB48 River Dance

The Star Guardian Jinx dance is taken directly from Hatsune Miku’s Leek Dance

Star Guardian Jinx – Dance reference

Star Guardian Lux’s dance is completely copied from the dance in the DokiDoki anime! PreCure

Star Guardian Lux Dance Reference – DokiDoki! PreCure

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