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The three young investors spent $ 375,000 to buy precious Pokémon cards, and came back to know about worthless goods

The following accident will shiver for people with little pocket money: a group of investors almost spent $ 375,000 on a set of fake Pokémon cards. Since Japanese pop culture was introduced into the United States, related goods exchanges have formed a miniature but rapidly growing economy.

For example, a rare card named “Pikachu Illustrator” recently sold for $ 195,000; there are only 34 such cards in the world. Earlier this year, rapper Logic spent up to 226,000 USD to win the Charizard card auction of rare goods. Logic shared is also the mind of many other collectors: “Growing up and being able to enjoy the things I loved since childhood is like buying a piece of the past that I couldn’t have.“.

The three young investors spent 375 000 to buy precious Pok mon cards and came back to know about worthless goods | Khám phá

Logic spent up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to own Charizard card.

However, their value also attracts many venture capitalists. There are people who do not know but do not care much about the spiritual value of those things. The YouTube vlogger team includes three young men, Chris Camillo, Dave Hanson and Jordan Mclain. They describe themselves “Just like you, but we have found a way to turn amounts in THOUSS into tens of Tens. How? Not working to earn. We quit our jobs to invest. We recognize investment ideas in our real life“.

On the livestream announced the “unboxing” of the Pokémon card set, which is said to be the most expensive exchange in history with the amount of up to 375,000 USD, they realized they had been cheated.

The livestream video lasted over 54 minutes, and in the 35th minute, the youth team discovered that the quality of the cards was not as expected. In fact, many of them are not uncommon, some have been pre-peeled and glued; the other card numbers are essentially worthless.

Just moments, joy suddenly turned into pain.

Although the group of investors has not stacked enough USD 375,000 for payment, some parties have spent USD 100,000 to deposit the “precious” card.

In this case, Pikachu’s value in the box might not be denominated in money, but by the lesson they get about the harsh reality, that scammers exist everywhere and that only tokens that should have been checked proof.

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