The theory shows how smart Thanos is: Using Loki to ‘ship’ the Mind Stone to Earth to create a superhero civil war

Thanos and his journey to collect 6 infinity stones is the central story for most of the first 3 phases of the MCU. Although it was not until Infinity War and Endgame, the Titan’s plot was unraveled, but in fact, he prepared for his plan many years ago and caused many waves for the Avengers and the others. partner.

This is most clearly demonstrated by the appearance of each infinity stone in every single movie: With the exception of the Soul Stone (revealed in Infinity War), the Power Stone plays an important role in Guardians of the Galaxy; The Reality Stone is hidden and protected by the Asgard gods; Time Stone and Space Stone both appear on Earth. As for the Mind Stone, Thanos inherently held this stone from the beginning, before handing it over to Loki to attack New York in The Avengers (2012) and finally losing his powerful item.

Thanos gave the Mind Stone to Loki to conquer the Earth and take the Space Stone, only to lose his only infinity stone.

However, the Screen Rant site has made a theory that all is part of Thanos’ calculations and long-term plans, including Loki’s catastrophic failure. He knew where the Mind Stone was, who held it after the events of The Avengers, but the Titan decided to stay motionless for many years without rushing to reclaim it. It is not until the end of the movie Thor: Ragnarok, the beginning of Infinity War, that we see Thanos and the members of the Black Order set out to collect these hegemony stones. Therefore, it is likely that the loss of the Mind Stone is a planned move to serve a higher purpose.

Thanos was not aiming for the Space Stone in the battle in New York, but on the contrary, he wanted to leave the Mind Stone on Earth.

In The Avengers, Thanos gave Loki the Mind Stone and the Chitauri army so he could conquer the Earth to bring the Space Stone back to him. However, the problem is that in order to implement this plan, Thanos had to play a very risky gamble when he traded the only infinity stone he had in the hope of collecting 1 more. other.

That is not to mention the partner he chose, Loki, which is not simple and is known as the most cunning, trickery of Asgard. Thanos wants to kick infinity, and Loki wants to become a leader with ultimate power. And nothing can guarantee that Thor’s mischievous brother does not suddenly “overturn” when he holds both stones in his hand. This can be considered a too risky move.

The theory shows how smart Thanos is Using Loki to ship the Mind Stone to Earth to create a superhero civil war | Living

Thanos borrowed Loki’s hand to “ship” the Mind Stone to Earth.

However, all may have been part of Thanos’ long-haul calculations. As a seasoned warrior, brave and valiant, he understood that the Earth certainly had its own defense force, although at that time he did not know Nick Fury’s Avengers plan. Therefore, it is entirely possible for Loki to encounter failure, and at that time, this cunning god’s staff (with the Mind Stone attached) will of course be “confiscated” by the Earth people. This is his main purpose.

The Mind Stone is the indirect cause of the superhero civil war

Since its appearance in The Avengers, the Mind Stone has repeatedly caused superheroes to fight each other, typically when Hawkeye was brainwashed and had to work for Loki unconsciously. Those are the first signs that the power of this infinity stone will likely make the internal superheroes opaque in the future.

Next, Mind Stone is the main tool to help create the villain Ultron, along with two new superheroes: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch – who initially caused a lot of difficulties for the Avengers in the fight with Ultron. Luck was on this Avengers side when this stone helped them create a powerful ally – Vision, although the movie version is considered a “nerf” quite a lot compared to the original comic book.

The theory shows how smart Thanos is Using Loki to ship the Mind Stone to Earth to create a superhero civil war | Living

Mind Stone helped Wanda Maximoff have tremendous power, but also an indirect agent that led to the superhero civil war of the Avengers.

You may not realize it, but Mind Stone is part of the cause of the superhero civil war in Captain America: Civil War. Scarlet Witch, the “product” of this infinity stone, is the one who accidentally took the lives of many innocent people when trying to prevent Crossbones from killing Steve Rogers.

Her actions are part of the reason why the Sokovia Accords Act was born to force the Avengers to operate under the control of the United Nations. And as we all know, this law destabilized the internal superheroes, and when Bucky Barnes appeared, they officially split into 2 halves.

The superhero civil war is the reason why the Avengers are “at the bottom” when facing Thanos in Infinity War

The theory shows how smart Thanos is Using Loki to ship the Mind Stone to Earth to create a superhero civil war | Living

It is not difficult to realize that the events of Civil War are exactly what Thanos was expecting. Since the battle in New York in 2012, the Titan has kept an eye on the Avengers, especially Tony Stark, as the Russo brothers explained. When this superhero team temporarily disbanded, it was also the time when Thanos personally implemented his plan.

Throughout Infinity War, he won many important victories. Both Iron Man and Captain America have succumbed to his might, partly because the infinity stones are so powerful, and partly because they don’t have the best partners by their side.

This theory makes Thanos a more comprehensive villain than ever

Deliberately losing the Mind Stone during the battle in New York turned out to be a great explanation for many of the MCU’s script flaws, especially the line “I will take action personally“of Thanos after Ultron’s defeat. Before that, fans always wondered why Thanos did not take any significant action until Infinity War. This is the answer for them: the mad Titan. has been “brainstorming” for a long time, and once his strategy works effectively, the manual tasks will become a lot easier.

The theory shows how smart Thanos is Using Loki to ship the Mind Stone to Earth to create a superhero civil war | Living

Deliberately bringing the Mind Stone to Earth many years ago, Thanos has proven himself to be a villain “big hand, big brain”.

Thanos’ plan also shows his great strategy, as described in the original comic book. It showed the Titan’s ability to foresee, take a step back to take two steps, instead of “humiliating” he mistakenly believed Loki and then lost his only infinity stone. All calculations have been carefully conducted by Thanos to create the most perfect plan and erase half of the population of the universe.

According to ScreenRant

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