The sun for you: Charity in gray matter and creativity

Miracles come from clicks

There is a fact that today, people are hard to live without … social networks. With social networks, you can easily connect with friends and peers, can update information in the fastest way. And if you choose, you also learn a lot from MXH.

So what do you think if social networking is not just for reading, understanding and connecting, but your scrolls, articles or creativity can be exchanged for money to help underprivileged children? It is unbelievable but true that MXH Lotus has brought all the users in the “Sun for me” community campaign.

The program “The sun for you” is aimed at the message: “Doing charity is not simply giving, this is an action that brings hope to life, more bright energy for children”.

At the Sun for Me, the gray matter of content creators on social media not only serves readers, but can also create material value that will change the lives of underprivileged children. Each person will “contribute content – collect the sun” in their own way.

If you are a business owner or a philanthropist, you can provide cash support to expand your existing 3 billion budget. If you are a charity fund, please send Lotus to children in need or need help. If you are a photographer, you can contribute content that is photos. If you are a vlogger, you can contribute content that is video. If you are an author, you can contribute to inspirational stories …

Every good article, quality, every video that attracts thousands of views is “transformed” into a direct support to the children.

The sun for you Charity in gray matter and creativity | Internet

The more this content reaches users, the more shares it gets, the more tokens you get. Even if you’re not someone who can create content, you can collect the sun by interacting to create tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for “Sen”, which is equivalent to the cash value that will be disbursed from the Sun budget to children to help the disadvantaged children across the country.

Making a new kind of charity, gentle, like playing but useful

Taking the image of the sun as the leader, “The sun for you” wants to bring to the children who need help a hope of a brighter future, the life will be better, not just a helping one. strong rice or a full meal.

The truth is that not everyone is responsible for helping someone else, but for the Sun for me, Lotus social users can do charity in a gentle, natural way rather than feeling like a burden. when I have to help someone. The role of the user is to interact with the post, in addition to being able to share the post on other social platforms to post more tokens. It can be said that, with new ideas and a new way of operating, the Sun gives me a new kind of charity, very different when every content, each retus, news, direct comment makes a great help. Indeed, it is possible to change the life of a certain situation.

In particular, Lotus connects with funds and charitable organizations to ensure that every case of receiving support from the community creates positive changes. The information of each case will be continuously updated on the official website of “The Sun for You” so that participants can track the results that they have contributed to create. That is why after only 10 days of launching the campaign, “The Sun for You” has recorded more than 56 difficult cases that need help with 190 participants.

Social networking is virtual but it really connects arms from all directions. This simple meaning and refreshing way of the Sun for me has inspired many familiar faces, with certain influences in each social field such as: Dong Nhi singer, Dang Thanh Van expert , Dr. Trần Quốc Khánh … became the first solar collectors.

The sun for you Charity in gray matter and creativity | Internet

However, in order for the program to be long-lasting, persistent, with many difficult children, the Sun for me with a 3 billion VND start-up budget will need more people to join the sun.

Life will be more beautiful when we work together kindly. If you also want to gather a little sun to nurture the dreams, hopes of the children of the circumstances, please accompany “The Sun for You”, let’s create and spread content with an item. new destination. A natural, soothing action that seems to help a child, are you ready?

“The Sun for You” is a community program organized by MXH Lotus, with the idea of ​​”transforming” content or written by readers into direct support for disadvantaged children.

Accompanying the Sun for me –, every interaction of each person on social networks, even the smallest will be “enchanted” into a useful thing, giving me hope for a new dream. , and accompany me on the journey to realize that dream.

What are you waiting for without “sharing the content – gathering the sun” with the children who are having difficulties today? Visit the website to get full updates of this meaningful program!

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