The success of the Casual Game development and launch strategy – the problem not everyone knows

The gaming industry has consistently recorded revenue growth over the past several years. With the outbreak of the corona virus, many people have more time to spare, making the download of games on mobile continue to increase. A study conducted in 2019 found that mobile game downloads alone accounted for 33% of all mobile app downloads. While 74% of customers spend 10% of their time in the application.

However, with a large number of games being downloaded are games released every week. Causal game is not an exception. Are you anxious and want to quickly launch a casual game? If the answer is yes, then you cannot rush. In fact, you need to have a research publishing strategy from scratch. You have to think about a method to lead your opponent and position your product as the gamer’s favorite causal game. In this article, together we explore how can develop and release a successful causal game.

Idea formation stage

With any game, the first stage of development must be the conceptualization and development phase. However, researching an idea is not just about verifying that it’s popular enough? Maybe your causal game idea already exists in the market. Therefore, in this regard, you need to ensure that your game idea is popular while still uniqueness.

The first step in this phase is to find a way verify your ideas. You have to watch a lot of ads related to causal game. Furthermore, you also need to look at similar games in your niche and check out games already in the market to see if your ideas are similar or very close to them. Sound time consuming? Actually, it’s not that difficult. There are many automated tools to assist you, the most prominent of which is SocialPeta.

This way, you’ll know if you’re working on an idea that only you have. However, your idea doesn’t have to be completely new, you can modify it to create a unique game that attracts the user’s attention.

Choose a creative ad

Let’s say your causal game passed the originality test of the idea. The next step would be to choose an ad for your causal game.

Now, instead of counting blind magic, expecting your game to be popular, you can check out the SocialPeta tool again. This time, however, you will analyze ad impressions and evaluate them by their ad performance. Some studies show that the conversion rate for causal game is now at 0.2% and can increase to 0.5% for prominent game causal. It means that it’s not enough just to be creative. You need a platform that you can leverage to maximize your conversion rates without spending unnecessary expenses. With SocialPeta, you can collect important metrics like ad impressions, duration, clickthrough rate (CTR), downloads, and more of your competitors.

With this experience, you can confidently choose an ad and make sure it has a good conversion rate.

Customizing your marketing strategy after release

Even after you’ve released the game, you still need to continue to customize your marketing strategies. All you need to do is find your target audience, run different ads for split testing, and find the right channels to run your ads. When your ad campaigns run, you can better optimize your conversion campaigns.

Control advertising costs

Controlling your ad costs is one of the most difficult parts of running ad campaigns. You will need to pay attention to some key metrics like CPM, CTR, CPC and likes metrics. However, not everyone can understand these metrics. This requires you to need a platform like SocialPeta to turn most of these complex terms into intuitive simple charts and data that you can easily understand.

The success of the Casual Game development and launch strategy the problem not everyone knows | GameK

(The trend about the cost of a causal game in the past 90 days in the US Market)

From the chart above, we can see that the costs were all up before Christmas, the CPM index even reached 45.56 US dollars. It also shows that there are a lot of ads running on the platform, the publishers believe users will have more leisure time to play games during the holidays.

Fierce competition in the market inevitably leads to higher costs. SocialPeta will give you actionable data on any search query related to your niche, network, and region. You will be able to see the data value under the search conditions in the custom filter. In short, you will be provided with an accurate data to optimize your campaign.

Collect insights from popular games in your niche

Let me give an illustrative example: consider a popular casual game like Save the Girl. This game is developed by the SuperTapx team and published by Lion Studio. This game has dominated the App Store and Google Play in more than 87 countries around the world.

When analyzing, we found that Save the Girl was downloaded more than 140 million times. If you’re looking to launch a game similar to Save the Girl, then it makes sense to pay attention to the ads and marketing strategies the SuperTapx team has adopted.

Shortcut Run; a Voodoo game also achieved great success when it entered the top 5 games on the Apple App Store. Given that both games have enjoyed great success, let’s take a look at their communication strategies.

The success of the Casual Game development and launch strategy the problem not everyone knows | GameK

Looking at the data from SocialPeta, we can confirm that game company Voodoo started running ads in October 2020. They used the same advertising strategy to run ads for both stores ( App Store and Google Play). However, their advertising budget for the App Store is much more than Google Play, which also makes Shortcut Run ranked among the top five free games on the App Store.

The success of the Casual Game development and launch strategy the problem not everyone knows | GameK

On the other hand, Save the Girl gets more downloads on Google Play. We were able to spot this through our store rankings.

• Analyzing the strategies responsible for their success

The success of the Casual Game development and launch strategy the problem not everyone knows | GameK

The important trends of the game Shortcut Run

Playable ads and video ads are the main forms of casual games advertising. When a game is released, it makes most sense to use video ads for advertising because people will want to see how the game performs. Video advertising has been proven to work and has helped attracts a lot of users to the game industry. Plus, video ads have lower costs. So if you are looking for quick installs or downloads in the early stages of your casual game release, then video advertising is the most affordable option.

The success of the Casual Game development and launch strategy the problem not everyone knows | GameK

Material trends of Save the girl

However, for games that have been around for a while, video ads might not be enough to create interactions that drive conversions. In other words, you need to rely on live ads to get more participants. With a live playable ad, people can easily interact with your ad by actually playing the game and feeling it.

Network Option – Enter more on platforms that perform better

This is also a strategy that you should pay attention to in casual games. Network selection plays an essential role in helping you determine where you will have the most conversions. The goal is to run ads on different networks using data extracted from SocialPeta and search for the network with the most conversions.

The success of the Casual Game development and launch strategy the problem not everyone knows | GameK

(Network Rate of Save the Girl)

For example, let’s take the game Save the Girl; After some testing, it was found that it got more conversions on Facebook. Therefore, publishers focus their advertising budgets on Facebook as it provides them with better CPI data.

The success of the Casual Game development and launch strategy the problem not everyone knows | GameK

(Shortcut Run network rate)

However, as a new game like Shortcut Run, what they need is to do cross-platform testing to make better advertising decisions early on.

Test your ad

As we discussed earlier, you need to test your ad. Advertising plays a huge role when it comes to conversion rates. Analyzing your ad’s conversion rates, you can start creating similar ads and test them.

• Check CTR early

This helps you determine the game’s engagement level. When checking clickthrough rate, you can use the proto (unfinished version) of the casual game to run the ad and wait to see how many clicks it gets. The purpose of this test is to determine if people are interested in the game when it hits the market. What does this do? This saves you the development costs and avoids the worst case scenario if the game doesn’t get the expected response.

• Check CPI

The difference from the CTR test is that the CTR test requires only a promotional video, but the CPI test requires a demo of the game and uploads it to the app store to check the game’s install rate. This can tell you more precisely how many players are interested in this game and ready to install it.


If you’ve read this paragraph, you should have a specific idea of ​​how you can publish your casual game, right?

Moreover, with an intelligent tool like advertising SocialPetaYour marketing strategies are sure to achieve great success. You just need to research and test your strategies, and everything will go well. In short, keep collecting data for action and don’t stop experimenting.

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