The strange forest area looks like a chessboard when viewed from above

Idaho is a state in the Northwestern United States. Idaho’s natural environment is famous for many interesting things, from natural landscapes to wildlife, but the most special thing is the beautiful geometric beauty to the perfect extent of the forest when viewed. from above.

And that is also the reason why pictures of a forest area along the Priest River taken from the International Space Station have received so much attention on social media.

Astronauts on the International Space Station shared a photo resembling a chess board model located in an area around Whitetail Butte in Bonner County, north of Idaho.

From this picture it is clear that these squares are the result of human hands. Historians say the chess board forest was in fact the result of an agreement signed in 1800 between the US government and the Oregon and California rail company.

The agreement determined that the railway company would accept vacant land plots for the construction, and the remaining land would continue to be managed by the government for reforestation. This method ensures the sustainability of forest areas and allows logging activities.

The white boxes are where no trees and snow fall on the ground.

According to NASA’s Earth Observatory, the white squares reflect areas without trees or small trees and are covered with snow, while brown colored cells are intact pieces of forest.

The chess-board forest model is surrounded on the left by the Priest River, which flows through the Selkirk Mountains in northern Idaho. It was used primarily to transport timber from various logging sites along its shores, but in 1968 it was classified as a wild, scenic and now river. be protected.

The strange forest area looks like a chessboard when viewed from above | Live

In fact, the US government hopes that after the railroad is formed, the price of surrounding land will increase, and at that time, the forest land can bring huge profits.

Although disputes ensued, the railway company allegedly cheated on land purchases to launder money and eventually the construction of the railway was left open and the original square plots were abandoned. fell into the hands of other investors.

So far, there are different areas in the chessboard forest. There are umbrellas that are public land but others are private, while the forest has a very special image – the beauty is unlike anyone when viewed from above.

The strange forest area looks like a chessboard when viewed from above | Live

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