The story of Low-tech girl using Hi-tech gear: When the phone turns into jewelry, it is extremely luxurious

Cha is recently given a phone called Galaxy Z Flip. When I received the gift, I only knew it was a new “genuine” Samsung phone, only worth over 30 million.

Of course, seeing this number makes me happy and surprised. Glad to be given such a high-value gift, and unexpectedly, I thought only the iPhone would dare to sell this high now.

Galaxy Z Flip cost more than 30 million, must there be any reason worth it?

Opened the handle for the first time, just saw that it had a nice purple color. Later, when I was shown some “basic lines”, I “oh”, it turned out that this phone could be folded in half. And so the curiosity just started, I want to find out if it’s anything else strange or not.

Dream from a young age

Although it is true “technology blind”, but since childhood, I have loved the style of flip phones appeared in Korean films already. The feeling of “flapping” the phone after every call makes me want to ask my parents to buy one immediately, which of course is not available.

Feeling folding the phone cover it is still “very” very.

However, growing up a bit, when you can own a phone for themselves, the old flip phone also disappeared. Instead, it was a series of smartphones with similar touch screens, looking bland.

And now that dream suddenly comes back when I hold this Galaxy Z Flip. The difference is different, but the feeling of being pulled in and out like in the movie still makes me excited like the 10-year-old girl.

First time “do it”.

“Sex” is folding the screen. Who would have thought that the glass touch screen that still “lifts like an egg” can now be broken in half?

At first I found it quite “creepy”, because it felt like it could break a phone at any time, plus the fear of breaking cables like some old bricked phones. But when used for a while, I felt much more confident, opening and closing a few dozen times a day, getting more and more “addicted”.

The story of Low tech girl using Hi tech gear When the phone turns into jewelry it is extremely luxurious | Mobile

Galaxy Z Flip neat when folded, which opens, the screen is still widely used comfortably.

By the way, thanks to that folded design, the Z Flip is neat and tidy. Most smartphones are now oversized, and women always have to carry small pockets with them to hold their phones. Z Flip, when folded, feels a bit thick but still fits in the pocket of a jeans and still works comfortably. In addition, the color of the case with me is also “the top of the peak”, the purple-pink tones are rich but not “countryside”, again, the paint color is changed strangely, sometimes it is raised to watch for bored.

In your hand, you will see a completely different machine than conventional smartphones. So much so that I just uploaded the photo of Z Flip on Instagram, so many people came in and asked “what-is it” because it was half like a chalk box, but had a camera? Everyone is curious.

Thought “made color” that turned out to be useful

After a few days, I started to search for information and videos to see what is better, so I saw many comments on the internet, that this device is just for “coloring”. It is not worth the other 30 million because the configuration is too inferior to other high-end phones.

I do not know much about the strong and weak configuration, simply holding the device up to see it works well, touch is smooth, taking photos before and after are all good and good. Galaxy Z Flip is able to meet those requirements, and has a “beautiful” appearance as a jewelry, cosmetic tone. Particularly the thin mirror surface is too different from the normal smartphone screen everyone has.

The story of Low tech girl using Hi tech gear When the phone turns into jewelry it is extremely luxurious | Mobile

Folding screen for?

As for folding screens, I find it a very good feature, not only to show off but also for daily use, especially for women.

For example, when you need to look in a mirror to “slap” your face when going out, for example, you just need to bend the screen to a right angle, turn on the camera and hold comfortably, just like when holding a makeup box point so.

The story of Low tech girl using Hi tech gear When the phone turns into jewelry it is extremely luxurious | Mobile

Use your phone instead of “standard” makeup.

There is also the need to take pictures of “virtual life”. This dish I learned through some online videos, just fold the phone halfway, put it on a table or some surface and then take a picture to take a picture already, no need to have someone take it for me or hold it in my hand, just tired worried about face distortion. Two hands are free to do whatever they want, but when it’s time to make a video call or shoot Tik Tok, it’s even more convenient, not having to find a backrest for the phone.

The story of Low tech girl using Hi tech gear When the phone turns into jewelry it is extremely luxurious | Mobile

Self-photographing, recording Tik Tok clips or video calls to friends is too simple because the Galaxy Z Flip itself is already standing.

The rest of Z Flip I feel is “stable”, used just like a non-folding phone. Playing games is smooth enough, surf the web fast enough, watch movies well enough and the battery life turns out not to be as bad as many people disparage.

I use my phone not very much, usually just surf Facebook for about 2 hours, alternating between checking Messenger messages, listening to music via Bluetooth headset, making several calls to the shipper for food delivery and about 1 hour playing games every day, the device is still There is about 20% battery left when put back in bed at night.

The story of Low tech girl using Hi tech gear When the phone turns into jewelry it is extremely luxurious | Mobile

Another small plus point about the tiny screen that is extremely convenient in the lid. Not only to display the time, battery or notifications but also to take snapshots without opening the phone. Many women will surely like this feature as I do, because it is very fast, convenient, but the image quality is much better than normal selfie.

There are still some regrets

Switch to Galaxy Z Flip really like, very suitable “gu”, just enough features that add many interesting games with the folding screen. However, this life is not perfect at all, the machine still has a few points except that I feel sorry to switch.

The first point is that the screen is quite scratch resistant. I’m not sure, but I heard that to fold it, the screen of the machine must be covered with a layer of plastic and glass so the durability is not high. Even though I’ve been using it for a few weeks, I’ve already scratched a few scratches. If you look directly or touch your hand, you will not see it, but put under the light, it will show up clearly, look a bit inferior, but you will not be stuck on the screen to protect.

The story of Low tech girl using Hi tech gear When the phone turns into jewelry it is extremely luxurious | Mobile

To fold it, you have to sacrifice screen durability a little bit.

The second pity is that there is no water resistant feature as the high-end phones that I know. Because I have been using a waterproof phone for a few years, I used to bring it to the bathroom or when I went swimming, but now I have to be very careful, if I accidentally drop it in the sink or get spilled on it, it’s easy. “Gone”.

In addition, the dents in the middle of the screen at the beginning are uncomfortable, but forgot to use it for a few days. It only shows clearly if viewed from the diagonal angle, but when holding the device right in front of you to use, you will not see any problem at all.

Perfect, but still not perfect

Well, a phone that costs approximately one and a half thousand dollars must be wonderful. The beauty of the Galaxy Z Flip does not need to be measured by the number of cheeks on the paper, but the experiences from the strange folding screen are the “money”.

The story of Low tech girl using Hi tech gear When the phone turns into jewelry it is extremely luxurious | Mobile

On the contrary, this phone even for me – a “technology blind girl”, who loves a flip phone just because she watches Korean movies – cannot yet be considered perfect. But because it’s beautiful and fashionable, not to mention very handy, I can try it.

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