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The story of anonymity going to an adult movie: The person who is forbidden by the parents, who is ‘sexually abused’ by the classmates

In the past few decades, adult film actor has become one of the normal jobs in Japan. This industry has given Japanese extremely high economic value and has brought careers to many people, including girls aged just 18 – 20. However, participation Entering this field also brings many incidents and troubles to these girls.

Polynomial cThe girls who enter the 18+ industry are all automatically chosen, unrelated to anyone. However, this self-determination has also brought her many troubles to her family, not simply. If real identity is discovered, often many people have to give up their careers, disappear completely on social networks and return to their birthplace.

There are many famous actresses in the 18+ film industry who have encountered this problem. The most typical is Aizawa Minami, who won the highest award at the Fanza Adult Award in the 2019 “Adult Film Oscar”. The story of her going to film an adult was hidden by her and her manager, but was later discovered by Minami’s friends newspaper in and out. This led to Minami having a long time off from work to resolve “personal problems” before returning and flashing into a star in the adult film field.

Other possible cases include Sakura Momo. Previously, she also confided to the fans about why she entered the adult film industry. The situation is also quite simple, she chose this career because Momo is the type of “night owl” and could not wake up early. Most adult movies are free to arrange their time proactively and comfortably according to the agreement of the studios and management companies, so Momo is free to choose a beautiful time frame with her. to work.

The story of anonymity going to an adult movie The person who is forbidden by the parents who is sexually abused by the classmates | Khám phá

However, Momo’s adult acting is also completely hidden from the family. She had once intended to confess, but has not found the right opportunity, her mother had opened up first: “Girls, you cannot go to AV movies.” However, the movie is already closed, the movie disc is already released, she can only tell the truth to her mother. Fortunately for Momo, Momo’s mother is quite … open-minded. She simply said, don’t do anything bad, that’s fine. This is something that probably even oneself Sakura Momo never expected in advance.

However, there are also cases of trouble like Riku Minato, who won the Fanza Adult Award with the runner-up in 2015. Like many others, this 1993-born girl entered an adult film career as a student, and her identity was leaked. Show by classmates. According to Minato, this person took the initiative to meet her and proposed a “sexual contract” with her, or her act as an AV actress would be revealed to the whole family and the school.

The story of anonymity going to an adult movie The person who is forbidden by the parents who is sexually abused by the classmates | Khám phá

Riku Minato flatly denied this and continued her work, even when her adult movie actor role was revealed. Not until later became famous and completely retired, Riku Minato just recounted this incident as a memorable episode throughout his career.

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