The squad brings together the youngest stars to appear at Worlds 2020

Top lane – Suning.Bin (born September 28, 2002 – age 17)

In the members of Suning The player who has improved the fastest is Bin. Suning’s young top laner played extremely well in the 2020 LPL Summer LPL and contributed greatly to the victory of winning tickets. Worlds 2020 of the team. Even Bin was recognized by the LPL audience at a very young age when they once thought that the lack of this player in the LPL’s representative squad was “ridiculous”.

Bin has made extremely rapid strides at the 2020 LPL Summer Split

Despite this rapid progress, Bin still has weaknesses in terms of competitive experience. Looking at the way this young star was “onions” by 369 in the LPL semi-final match, Bin still has to learn a lot to become a big star. At CKTG 2020, Bin will have to face Wunder, a true mutant of G2 Esports, this will be the real challenge that this player needs to overcome to help the team win.

The squad brings together the youngest stars to appear at Worlds 2020 | Esports

Wunder is a true mutant in the top lane that Bin needs to overcome

Jungle – Team SoloMid.Spica (born February 17, 2002 – age 18)

There is a funny concept to refer to TSM of the North American League of Legends community that is “the jungle grinder”, this comes from the fact that this team replaces its Jungler too often. Saying that to see how great pressure the jungle position in TSM is. We admire Spica even more when this player can do well under that pressure, at such a young age and still win the 2020 LCS Summer Split.

The squad brings together the youngest stars to appear at Worlds 2020 | Esports

Spica played extremely successfully under TSM’s shirt in the 2020 LCS Summer Split

Spica’s jungle style is attacking, ganking constantly with good control champions like Shen, Sett, otherwise it must have good damage like Lee Sin, Nidalee, Graves. CKTG 2020 will be a heavy test for Spica when TSM’s group stage opponents all have excellent junglers like Selfmade, Clid and possibly Peanut (if LGD Gaming passes the play-in round).

Mid lane – DragonX.Chovy (born 3/3/2001 – 19 years old)

Many people will be surprised when Chovy is on this list because of the star of DragonX was present in Worlds 2019 under the color of Griffin This shows that Chovy’s talent was discovered very early and is a jewel of Korean League of Legends. No longer use these Akali, Irelia, Zoe as much as in 2019, this player switched to Azir, Twisted Fate or Galio, the tactical choices in the last season and still performed extremely well.

The squad brings together the youngest stars to appear at Worlds 2020 | Esports

Chovy has matured a lot in terms of tactical thinking ability

Perhaps in the upcoming Worlds 2020 mid lane matchups, none of that is more exciting than the confrontation between Chovy and Knight. To say no too, the results of that confrontation will greatly affect the name that won between DragonX and Top Esports, one of the most notable matchups in the group stage of Worlds 2020.

ADC – MAD Lions.Carzzy (born January 31, 2001 – Age 18)

Unlike the young stars who have partly proved themselves above, Carzzy has yet to show too many remarkable things at LEC Summer 2020. Even this guy’s MAD Lions has been hit by both G2 Esports and Rogue. Beat and find your chance at Worlds 2020 through the warm-up. Although playing from the “parking” round, this actually helps a lot for the young team of MAD Lions, they will have more time to adapt to the atmosphere and meta of Worlds 2020.

The squad brings together the youngest stars to appear at Worlds 2020 | Esports

Carzzy and the MAD Lions team will have to work hard to find a chance to pass the group stage of Worlds 2020.

Support – DragonX.Keria (born October 14, 2002 – Age 17)

Besides an excellent Chovy in the mid lane, DragonX still has an equally talented player in the support position, Keria. In the first year of playing in the LCK, Keria became one of the very brightest stars of Korean League of Legends. There was a battle when this guy used Kayle as support and still won, enough to understand how high Keria’s skill was.

In CKTG 2020, Keria and his brother Deft will have to face a lot of powerful botlane duo, in the immediate future, the Top Esports botlane pair. It is true that controlling a world-champion superstar like JackeyLove, supported by Yuyanjia who has always played steadily, is no easy task at all. Perhaps Keria and Deft will have to work hard to help DragonX overcome Top Esports.

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