The snake eel ‘slashes’ the predator in search of freedom but then remains trapped inside until death

Desperate situations often lead to desperate measures – when fighting for survival, the snake eel does not have many options.

The snake eel belongs to the family of Ophichthidae with more than 200 species found around the world, mainly in tropical or temperate waters. These snake-like creatures are more benign than their aggressive cousins, the marine calendar. The tail of the eel is sharp and sharp compared to the flat tail of the calendar fish. They use their tails to burrow into the bottom of the sea, creating a protective cave.

Scientists have reported the first case of snake eel in the Australian waters “stomach slits” of predators who devoured them to “seek freedom”.

The results were really terrible. The images below are quite “sensitive”, you should glance if you can’t stand the sight of gore.

Trapped in the intestinal cavity and unable to dig deeper, the snake eels trapped in the body of predators and gradually “mummified” inside, predators will most likely continue with normal life. often without being affected by work in a time of desperate prey.

The snake eel slashes the predator in search of freedom but then remains trapped inside until death | Live

Snake eel (from the Ophichthidae family) is found in tropical and temperate waters around the world; Although these creatures are diverse, science still doesn’t know much about them.

From the Bahamas to Florida, the northwest Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea, it is rare to see these snake eels trapped in the intestinal cavities of those who eat them.

Collecting 11 species of predatory fish from various locations across Australia, researchers at several different organizations found seven snake eels inside – this is the first time this has been recorded. received in Australia.

However, when the eel passes through the predator’s soft stomach lining, it will be much harder to escape.

Although researchers in Australia told The Guardian that they had undergone surgery on a fish and found a snake eel still alive, writhing, it was hard to tell if any were lucky enough to escape the stomach. predators just by their tails.

Perhaps they must be seen to be believed, and unfortunately, snake eels are very little studied. Clearly there is still a lot to learn about the wonders of nature.

Reference: ScienceAlert

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