The ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign of Apple is so great that in the hands of the Saints TikTok is making a joke like this

Over the years, the “Shot on iPhone” campaign has become an extremely powerful and unique marketing weapon for Apple. Put simply, this campaign is an opportunity for Apple to show off the power of the camera on its smartphone product lines, while also creating a lot of beautiful footage, with well-invested scenarios. inferior to the leading film works in the world. For example, the super 90-second video is shot entirely by iPhone 11 Pro below by photo director David Leitch, the magical hand after a series of blockbuster hits like John Wick, Deadpool.

The commercial is like an action blockbuster directed by David Leitch, shot entirely with the iPhone 11 Pro during the “Shot on iPhone” campaign.

One of the best marketing campaigns in the world, of course, it is impossible not to appear on one of the most popular video platforms in the world – TikTok. In just the past few weeks, hashtag #Shot on iPhone suddenly become more viral than ever, currently has attracted about 70 million views on this cult platform.

But while the director of the family invests script, skill, and professionalism, the saints on TikTok make meme-rich web videos with the main purpose of entertainment. But because they were all shot with iPhones, naturally they were still listed as “Shot on iPhone” (or at least TikTok users claim to be).

Synthesis of the highest video in the campaign “Shot on iPhone” on TikTok: Each video is less than 10 seconds long, mainly the screen troll friends and relatives of the saints TikTok.

Nothing is gone already? No problem, there’s another video compilation “Shot on iPhone” on TikTok for you here!

Videos like this are appearing more and more on TikTok, thereby making the “Shot on iPhone” trend more popular than ever.

Besides, TikTok users are incubating another trend of “kh khau” smell called “Shot on Android”: Similar to the above, but must use Android phones to film, not use Iphone. Also, these videos must be edited in a pixel graphic style (like a minecraft game), looking as jagged as possible.

“Shot on Android” is also a potential trend that can explode on TikTok in the near future.

Although at the beginning, TikTok was primarily targeted at teen customers. However, it is thanks to the variety of content, such as the two themes “Shot on iPhone” and “Shot on Android” above, and the humorous video style has helped the platform attract more users and extremely strong growth in recent years. Although the above videos are only entertaining and satirical, they also show the infinite creativity of netizens, watching them as an instant addiction.

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